Why PINK is a path breaking lesson for all men and women

September 27, 2016 8:00:22 PM IST
By Vishal Verma, Glamsham Editorial
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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan starrer PINK is slowly turning out into a phenomena that demands an echo with a chorus. The path breaking film directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and co-produced by Sircar, offers the following lessons for all men and women.


No ek shabdh nahi pura waqkya hai ( No is just not a word, it's a complete sentence) says Amitabh Bachchan during the final reels. Simple but so powerful. Irrespective of any gender, if a person says NO to someone then they lose the right to touch them.

A new term - never heard and seen in Bollywood films. We have seen potboilers where the protagonist gets arrested on Friday night so that bail application cannot be filed by the normal procedure and of course a distress protagonist or someone close to the lead character gets this shock at their local police station when the cop on duty asks them to register the complain at the place where crime has happened. PINK offers a solution with ZERO FIR - that irrespective of the jurisdiction in which the crime happened, an FIR can be filed anywhere and be later transferred to the concerned police station.

We have seen in certain films that if a person is arrested on weekend, gets bail by the approval of the magistrate. However, PINK takes it further and elaborates that women and minors can get bail on weekends and the bail proceedings can be heard at a judge's residence on Saturday and Sunday.

There is a law for the protection of women even on weekends and PINK highlights this very effectively in the film. Such is the impact that reportedly the Central Government is planning to use the film to spread awareness about this legal procedures. According to reports a Parivartan Cell has being formed by   Delhi Police to spread awareness about this law to help women. Speaking to the media on this Shoojit Sircar, co–producer of PINK has reportedly said, “Many senior officials from the central government, who have seen the movie, have approached us and expressed their desire to use the film to spread awareness about the Zero FIR. They told me that after the film is out of theatres, they will take it to schools and colleges to spread awareness. It is important for women to know that, according to the law, FIRs can be registered anywhere and the bail hearing for women and children can be held at the judge's residence. We need to know the laws and sadly, not many are aware.'

A woman who drinks, wear skirts is not a sign board for an invitation
Forget the chauvinist mindset of men, it is found that many women too believe that women who wears skirts, drinks, enjoys parties and comes late at night are of low morale and are easily available. PINK also stresses on the word FRIENDS and says that it exists. A boy and a girl or a man or a woman that matter can meet and have dinner without having carnal desires. Ironically in a Bollywood mega blockbuster MAINE PYAR KIYA starring Salman Khan, there is a dialogue by Mohnish Behl which became very popular ‘ek ladka or ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte' (a boy and a girl can,t be just friends). PINK is a befitting reply to this mindset.

Save boys to keep girls safe
This thought nourishing sarcasms hits the right notes. The prevailing norms of our society have set rules for boys and girls which start implementing from day one itself. Girls should not laugh their heart out, should not be friendly with boys, should always display a sense of coy in plic etc. On the other hand, boys should be
strong, protective and the care taker and of course he should never cry.

PINK makes the girl power big. It brings men and woman on one platform and offers path breaking lessons for all. For girls, it tells them to be what you are and enjoy the womanhood and for man with sexist mindset, it's a retrospect on how woman are looked upon and how they should be looked in future.


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