John Abraham: Dealing with terrorism is need of the hour

September 30, 2016 4:14:18 PM IST
updated October 24, 2016 12:28:36 PM IST
By Shaheen Irani, Glamsham Editorial
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The surgical strike which took place yesterday soon enough became the talk of the town. Bollywood celebrities John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha too had certain things to speak about the same during FORCE 2 trailer launch.


John said, “We're very proud. In fact, this should've been done much earlier. You are talking about LOC. I think it's high time we respond to terrorism. As a country, we are very tolerant. I think it's high time we put our foot down and show what India can do,” and Sonakshi Sinha added, “I'm in complete agreement with John.”

John and Sonakshi were asked, “This movie somewhere down the line is a tribute to the brave soldiers who laid their lives down for India. Every time such cross-border terrorism attacks happens, we seek sympathy from our own artists, but none from the Pakistani artists. This has been bone of contention. Subhash Chandra ji requested Pakistani artists to condemn the attack without naming Pakistan but they refused. How do you look at it?”

John said he's proud to be part of Bollywood. He replied, “If I have to answer it, it's important what we do. We're not in a position to opinionate about what others do or don't. So better if we speak for ourselves, whether we go through the emotion. Whatever we express is our opinion. I'm just very fortunate to be part of the film industry because I think we really go out there and express our solidarity with not only our country but also soldiers. So again I'm saying this on record, they are the true heroes of our country.”

Sonakshi added, “I agree. Whether it's getting carried forward, reaching us or not, we don't know. So we can only speak for ourselves and do our job which is to stand by our own people. So that is what we're doing.”

When asked Sonakshi about the surgical strike, she said, “Firstly we'd like to thank them because they took such a huge step. Like John said earlier, this was the need of the hour. We have to deal with terrorism and I'm really happy that it's happening. We all as citizens of the country are very, very thankful to them.”