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Kamaal R Khan gains publicity out of AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL and SHIVAAY's battle?

September 2, 2016 1:44:27 PM IST
By Ruchita Mishra, Glamsham Editorial
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Two big Bollywood films are clashing this Diwali, SHIVAAY and AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL. While the films are yet to hit the screens, the war has already begun and in a very ugly manner.

The teaser of AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL was released this Tuesday and broke the internet with appreciation.

Much before the release there has been unwanted controversy and hype created. But you will not be shocked to know who is the one responsible for it. The attention-seeker and number one self-proclaimed critic wannabe shared an audio clip last night on a micro blogging site.

The audio clip, as claimed by KRK, of three minutes and 20 seconds, seems to be a call made by Ajay Devgn's business partner Kumar Mangat to Kamaal R Khan.

In the audio, Mangat asks Khan why he went ahead praising Karan Johar and abusing SHIVAAY on social media while Kamal defended himself. Then, Kumar Mangat asks, “Have you adopted Karan Johar?”  To which Khan replies: I have been paid Rs 25 lakh by Karan. Mangat says, “I will pay you too. Kamal responded that Ajay Devgn didn't reply to him on his birthday and he went ahead and said I will abide by the producer's wishes in the future.

Ajay Devgn posted the audio clip on his micro-blogging page which read, “Hear what self-proclaimed no. 1 critic and trade analyst Kamaal R Khan has to say.”

While wifey Kajol, who also happens to be Karan Johar's close buddy, reposted Ajay's post and reacted, ‘Shocked!'

Although Kajol and Ajay shared KRK's audio clip, nothing can be derived what they think about the entire situation. As Ajay just shared the audio file and mocked KRK by calling him self-proclaimed no. 1 critic, while Kajol was shocked as if she is totally numb!

But looks like one man who benefitted from it is Kamaal R Khan, who apparently took it as a publicity stunt by targeting Ajay and Karan.

But Kamaal R Khan didn't stop here. He went ahead with series of posts which read as follows:

“Today @ajaydevgn has proved that KRK Sirf Ek Naam Nahi Hai Balki Aaj KRK Ek brand Hai.”
Sir @ajaydevgn 2-4 Dafaa Aaraam Se Suniye Isko Thande Dimag se, Aur Samajhye Ki Maine Kaya Kaha. Lol! Exposed.

After so much of hue and cry, he changed his statements, “Let me clear it. Karan Johar has never paid me or asked me to bash #Shivaay n you can hear it in the tape. I said 25 Lakhs to avoid Kumar.”
And then this will blow your mind, “Kumar+Ajay offered me money to bash #AeDilHaiMushkil as he is offering in the tape also but I refused. I told them that I will do it free.”

“Ppl thinking that I called Kumar Mangat but not true. Actually he is close friend n he only called me n he called me many times before also.”

And then KRK pokes Ajay Devgn as well, “One side Ajay Devgan is calling me self-proclamied critic n other side he thinks that I am really powerful no.1 critic who can harm his film.”

“Today both films #Shivaay n #AeDilHaiMushkil got free publicity of millions of ? with my name and this is the power of The Brand KRK. G.N. If you are talking with Kumar Mangat or @ajaydevgn then you should be careful because they can tape you.”

Well we wonder why did Ajay and Kajol fall in Kamaal's trap?

Post this mud-slinging the question why is Karan Johar silent? Karan Johar stayed mum on this entire epic conversation and micro blogging posts of Kamaal R Khan.

And we wonder where Karan Johar, Ajay Devgn and Kajol's friendship head after this.

Well, we await for the clarification and what Karan has to say on it.




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