Paroma Dasgupta: Singing for ad films has made me a better and intelligent singer

July 27, 2017 6:03:41 PM IST
By Pooja Sharma, Glamsham Editorial
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Singer Paroma Das has lent her voice not just for songs like ‘Coffee Peetey Peetey' (GABBAR IS BACK) and ‘Kaara Fankaara' (OK JAANU) but also to several ad films as well.

In a candid interview Paroma reveals how singing for ad films has made her an intelligent singer and also talks about how all the female singers and actresses should take a stand in order to improve the number of songs made for female lead or singers these days in Bollywood because if they don't then in days to come there would be hardly any songs left for female singers in this male dominated film industry.


You came to Mumbai about ten years back to pursue your musical aspirations. Tell us about how your journey so far has been.
Actually it has been quite a fun journey. Since beginning I was majorly into ad films. It has been fun journey for me and I have never taken it like as something very serious or how other people stress about things like struggling a lot because it has never been like that for me. I have always enjoyed singing and probably that's the reason why my journey has been full of enjoyment.

After lending your voice for actresses like Anushka and Shraddha Kapoor which all actresses you would love to sing for?
Actually, all of them are so pretty that I would love to sing for everyone. I would really love to sing for Anushka for some movie as previously I had just sung for an ad jingle featuring her. Then there's Deepika, Kareena and I guess all of them as they are all so beautiful and talented.

A wish list of composers you are looking forward to work with.
There are so many amazing composers. From the seniors I would definitely love to work with Pritam and Amit Trivedi. And since the younger lots are doing some really good work so I would love to work with Amaal, Tanishk. Also, I love the music composed by Sachin-Jigar. So yes all these composers are on my wish list.

You have been on Sa Re Ga Ma Lil champs jury. So tell us how easy or difficult it is to judge kids?
It's not an easy job at all because they (Kids) are extremely talented like even the grown up would not perform the way these kids do. The level of performance at ‘Sa Re Ga Ma' is beyond comparisons so it's really very difficult to judge the kids and almost all of them are at par with the other. But overall it's such a pleasure to watch these kids perform as they are really amazing.

Recently Shoojit Sircar said that there should be a ban on reality shows involving children. What's your comment on this?
I do understand Shoojit's point of view because the working hours are insane as sometime they shoot around 2-3 episodes a day which goes on like 15-16 hours at a time. I really don't have much to say about it as I don't know how exactly the kids get exploited or lose their innocence but instead of banning them there should be certain rules like in advertising we have certain rules like if you have to make a kid dub or act then you should get it done only post the school timings of the kid. I don't think similar guidelines are there for movies or TV serials. And those rules have to be laid down very categorically. But I also see so much talent around us and we enjoy watching kids perform that's why I think there should be stricter guidelines to see that the kids are not exploited.

Apart from music what are your other passions?
I actually love belly dancing which I am learning as well. It's something I really love to do.

"There should be stricter guidelines so that the kids are not exploited"

And if not a singer then what else you would have been?
Being from Kolkata you know there the main focus while growing up is on education so if not a singer then probably I would have been a media professional as I have done my masters and have few other degrees as well.

Do you think now-a -days in Bollywood there are very few songs made for female singers?
Yes and unfortunately we are heading that way. 5-6 years back we did have a Sunidhi, Shreya who commanded that position where composers use to make a song keeping them in mind but suddenly there's so much competition with so many singers that somewhere female singing is losing its importance and its extremely sad because when the world cannot run without a man and woman so why things are not the same in film industry? Arijit Singh is not somebody who will run after something so people run after him so I think we are to blame for the situation as we make do with whatever comes to us instead of being firm in our stand. If our actresses like Priyanka, Kareena could take a stand as they are in a position to make people hear them so may be that could help. Also a very important role can be played by the music labels. It has to be something collectively done only then this thing will change otherwise abhi 2 line hai magar kuch dino baad woh bhi nahi rahe toh kya ? It's like how girl child are treated in India so now if the disparity is there then in days to come there will be severe shortage. I hope the industry thinks about it and collectively does something as we all want to sing.

What's your take on recreating old popular songs?
If we do it with one or two songs then it's okay but that should not be really continued like a trend. If music labels give more opportunity or free hand to the music directors to come up with original stuffs I am sure that will be fruitful as there's no dearth of talent so why show no confidence in them? And also originality can only thrive if supported by the labels or movie makers. We should rely on old songs only when there's that kind of situation or nostalgic element required in a film and not make it a trend to remix or recreate old songs in every single film. India's music is so rich that we have so much of exposure so why not create original content?

What do you enjoy most play back singing for films or singing for ad jingles?
As a singer I would obviously love to sing a full length song as there's much more to express, there's so much to show your talent where is in ad films, it's a different format as you have to convince the consumer that this is the product you have to go for. So that's an altogether different challenge which I really enjoy. Also I would say that singing for ad films have really helped me become a better and intelligent singer because of the given parameters you have to perform.

Do you feel that we need more shows like MTV Unplugged, Coke Studio and Jam Room?
Of course we do but at the same time if you see our Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged keep repeating artists. For a platform like Coke Studio, like how they do in other countries they arrange for a collaboration of new artist or folk artist and music producers. So likewise our music producers should collaborate with new or upcoming talents so that would be exciting.

Tell us about your upcoming projects
I am ready with my single it's written by Vayu Shrivastav and my friend Rajeev has composed it so probably by September I will be releasing it. And I have sung this really amazing song for Aanand L Rai's NIMMO which is composed by Krishna. Also I plan to do a lot of covers as lot of the audience really like covers these days. With the digital platform growing so fast it's easier for artist to showcase their talent. I love so many songs which I sing just like that so I am thinking of properly recording them and then sharing them online. Also I am collaborating with another female singer Kamakshi and we will be doing something like Hindi and English mash-ups. One thing I really want to do is to collaborate with other female artists and my colleagues.


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