Farhan Akhtar: Producers returning money to distributors is a welcome move

September 13, 2017 6:34:38 PM IST
By Ruchita Mishra, Glamsham Editorial
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2017 hasn't been too great for box office, not many films have done great this year. As the year is ending there is concern in Bollywood that not many films have done well and all hopes are pinned on upcoming releases.
As his next film LUCKNOW CENTRAL is arriving this Friday, we asked Farhan Akhtar, during media interactions, about his take on so many failures at the box-office this year, to which he replied, “Though I have not caught up with any of the recent releases, I think that the audience is rightfully demanding good stories. Like when we read a book, we create a film in our head. But in an actual film, amidst the window-dressing and ‘hungama' (noise), maybe we are losing sight of the fact that the story is not good, or is not being told well. The audience is telling us to focus more on the story than the spectacle needed because they are spending a lot of money on it.”


When asked what he means by mainstream commercial cinema, he said, “Isn't every cinema commercial? Why don't we just call films good or bad? The definition of mainstream cinema has always kept changing! Change has always been constant because cultures are evolving, and once social environments change, so does the mood of the people. So at one time, the audience may ask for escapism, and at other times, they may not want escapism.”

He further went on to say, “What is important is that a filmmaker should not compromise on his vision and rely on the only thing he can his instinct. This instinct is a combination of everything what he is excited about making, what he feels the audience wants to watch, on which scale he should make it depending on the universality of the issue if any, and everything else.”

On being quizzed about his last film ROCK ON 2, which didn't do well in terms of investment he said, “We do lose money when we are honest to our vision. But I guess that's a part of being filmmakers. Initially, I am just disappointed. Just after a film's release, when we know what has happened, a filmmaker is too close to the film to be objective. Later, we come to know bits and parts about what went wrong by listening to conversations or the views of other people.”

Does it affect you? “It cannot, how can it? Because for the next film, you are excited with whatever you are planning. Again, you are in a different zone.” Farhan added.

When asked, what is his take on films not doing well and producers returning money to the distributors, to which he said, “I think it's a welcome move, but there is nothing new in this. It's nice to show unity with someone who has believed in you and supported your work, and to show that we are one and not against each other. It's always been done over here, sometimes by subsidizing the cost of your next film.”

Well said Farhan Akhtar!


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