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Varun Dhawan: Comparisons with Salman Khan don't pressurize me

September 27, 2017 4:40:23 PM IST
By Ruchita Mishra, Glamsham Editorial

JUDWAA is one of the cult films of all times. Salman Khan, Ramba and Karisma Kapoor were loved in original JUDWAA. And after a long time we will see in new and revised version of JUDWAA named JUDWAA 2 which is directed by David Dhawan that stars Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Taapsee Pannu.


Since the time trailers, promos and songs of JUDWAA 2 have been released, there have been constant comparisons.

During media interactions, Varun opened up about his film JUDWAA 2, and also about the comparison with Salman Khan.

When asked with JUDWAA 2 being an iconic film why remake it or reboot it to which Varun said, “It’s been 20 years since the release of JUDWAA. There are children who are 14, 15, or 16, who haven't seen JUDWAA and they are the new moviegoers. My dad made this film because this genre is not being made by anyone anymore. This is a conventional Hindi film genre, which isn’t made internationally. Manmohan Desai gave birth to this genre and my dad is a big fan of him. There are many successful films made in this genre, but since a few films didn’t do well, we came to a conclusion that the genre is finished. But, we need to evolve with time within a given genre as well. So, to answer the question, firstly, there’s still a sizeable chunk, who haven’t seen JUDWAA, and for those who’ve seen it, the treatment this time is very different.”

There have been comparisons between you and Salman Khan what do you have to say, “I had to think about the comparisons before signing the film. It's obvious that they would happen, particularly on the social media. But, as an actor, I also knew that all this would result in incredible buzz for the film. There would be comparisons, there would be chatter. People would say ‘Acha Kiya Hai', ‘Kharab Kiya Hai', or ‘Bahut Acha Kiya Hai', but to come to a conclusion, people would at least go to the theaters on September 29. Comparisons with Salman Khan have been happening since the first day of my career. So, they don’t put pressure on me. What matters the most is people buying tickets and coming to watch my film. And, honestly, I’ve chosen a fresh approach for JUDWAA 2 is as I had to play it in my own way. You can’t have exactly the same circumstances and we’ve made a lot of changes to the screenplay.” ends Varun Dhawan.

JUDWAA 2 releases on September 29, 2017.

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