Vishal Bhardwaj collaborates with Junglee Pictures for his next

September 26, 2017 8:10:32 PM IST
By Glamsham Editorial
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Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj's last film RANGOON failed to live up to everyone's expectations but taking its failure in his stride the talented filmmaker is now gearing up for his next directorial which is a prequel to American Political-action thriller ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012).


In a recent interview with TOI Vishal Bhardwaj, “I read Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy's The Meadows which was recommended to me by my cameraman, Tasadduq, who is Mufti sahab's son. While we were filming OMKARA, I would keep saying to him, 'Yaar mujhe Kashmir ke upar film karni hai'. One day, after the movie, he met me at an airport and said, you were talking about Kashmir, do read The Meadows, no one has written such a book on Kashmir so far. I read it- and I was very impressed with their work. And then, when I read The Siege, I wanted to get its rights, but they had sold it to a US producer at that point of time. We have stayed in touch since then.'

The filmmaker later met the writers again and it was then that they told him about their next book The Exile. “I was sold on it in one line, when they said it's 'the prequel to Zero Dark Thirty,' said Vishal.

Talking about his collaboration with Junglee Pictures, Vishal said, “So I took this to Junglee Pictures. And we agreed that there must be some liberation from the stereotype. It's time for India to tell a global story, a story that everyone needs to know.'

The film will be titled ABBOTTABAD and talking about its storyline Vishal said, “The story is - What was Osama doing in all the time between Tora Bora and the day the choppers landed in Abbottabad? How did he spend those years? How did he configure a dish antenna to stay clued in to TV on 9/11? How they move from Karachi to Swat Valley to Abbottabad? How did the house at Abbottabad get built? How did his wives get to him? How did he record and send out his messages for so long without being intercepted? This ten-year journey is so gripping, so interesting, there is so much we don't really know or at least talk about,' Vishal is by now bubbling over with excitement. 'Did you know Parvez Musharraf, on several occasions when he was in Abbottabad, used to go jogging on a route that passed right in front of the house where Bin Laden was? Did you know that the attack on the Indian Parliament was timed in order to give Osama breathing space and enabled his escape from Tora Bora? How can you stay a fugitive with the entire Western world out to get you, with all the technology, all the satellites - how do you dodge it all? With the ISI as partners in hunting him, at least officially, while one part of the ISI knew all along - this story is fascinating. There is so much to be told!'

Well this sounds extremely intriguing and we are totally looking forward to Vishal's ABBOTTABAD.


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