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   Movie Preview : Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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view JAANE TU YA JAANE NA movie stills

view JAANE TU YA JAANE NA movie stills

Imran Khan as Jai Singh Rathore (‘Rats’) Hailing from the town of Ranjhore in Rajasthan, Jai Singh Rathore is everything a Rathore from Ranjhore is not supposed to be – pleasant, warm, funny, kind, sensitive and pathologically non-violent.

Jai’s father passed away when he was still an infant, and he has been brought up by his mother Savitri.

Savitri’s upbringing has ensured that Jai is the most unlikely Rathore either side of the Aravallis. Her staunch belief is that Indian mothers are responsible for their sons turning out to be such jerks – so she has never pampered Jai. Everything – from preparing breakfast to doing the laundry – Jai does himself. They share a great friendship, but also completely respect each other’s space.

The most important thing in Jai’s life is Aditi. They connected the first day they met, and nobody has ever seen them apart since. When they are not together, they are on the phone. And so, to friends and family, it is simply a question of time before the two get married.

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