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   Movie Preview : Race


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download RACE wallpapers

download RACE wallpapers

With a lean season at Bollywood currently, one of the few films, which is making people sit up and take notice, is RACE. With its 'racy' promos creating a sensation with its mix of suspense, intrigue, stunts and some lavish production values, RACE has number of factors going in its favour. Its high adrenalin actions sequences are boasting of an international appeal while an unusual combination of multi star cast is intriguing too.

Once again Duo directors Abbas-Musatn are ready to create seat-gripping drama, set in the fabulous locales of South Africa. An Abbas Mustan film, RACE is an out and out action entertainer with Saif and Akshaye playing half-brothers while Anil plays a detective. Directed by Abbas Mustan, the film has been shot internationally with Dubai and Durban being prominent locations for shoot. Also starring Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy, the film has music by Pritam, which is already topping the charts these days. Taurani brothers, owners of Tips Industries have successfully tapped every genre of movies from comedy to suspense thriller. Tips have always shown a sign of class and quality in their movies.


view RACE movie stills

view RACE movie stills

A gripping, multi star thriller, RACE is the story of two brothers, Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) and Rajeev Singh (Akshaye Khanna), who live on the edge of life. Their business is horse racing and their beat the fast track. Winning is their birthright and danger their sport.

Set against the highflying social fabric of modern South Africa RACE is about betrayal and greed, intrigue and revenge. Even love comes laced with a motive. The stakes are too high. Double them and you have the perfect grounds for a perfect murder. What was the game? Who held the ropes? The glamorous model Sonia (Bipasha Basu), whom Ranvir loved or the beautiful secretary Sofia (Katrian Kaif), who loved Ranvir. The sudden appearance of Inspector Robert D’costa (Anil Kapoor) and his dumb and sexy assistant Mini (Sameera Reddy), deepens the plot into a gripping tale of drama at its best. With the brothers pitched against each other who will win? The one who plays to win or the one who plays to defeat? 


Character Sketch:

view RACE movie stills

view RACE movie stills

Saif Ali Khan – Ranvir singh the older of the two brothers is a ruthless businessman who will not spot to win the game. Playing with danger is his passion and outsmarting his opponent his time pass.

Bipasha Basu - Sonia is Beautiful and glamorous model with a shady past. She's looking for a man who will keep her in his heart. She is waiting for the rich and handsome Ranvir Singh to propose to her.

Akshaye Khanna - Rajeev Singh the younger brother is spoilt laid back and happy. But underneath the surface there lurks an anger, which he tries to control with liquor. As a result both anger and liquor get the better of him and end up controlling him.

Katrina kaif - Sofia is Ranvir Singh's beautiful and innocent looking secretary who shadows him around managing all his important matters. She is  indispensable to Ranvir who trusts her completely but does not reciprocate her love.

download RACE wallpapers

download RACE wallpapers

Anil Kapoor - Robert D'costa is a private detective with the deceptive air of an idiot. He is constantly eating fruits while solving a case. He is sharp, resourceful and quick. His appearance in the story makes the plot thicken as he unravels o ne lie after the other.

Sameera Reddy- Mini is the attractive and sexy assistant of Robert D'costa who is like a dumb blonde. She constantly asks stupid questions and is forever relegated to cutting fruits or doing menial jobs by her boss.

A TIPS production, RACE has action by Allan Amin, Bollywood's numero uno action director, who has choreographed some breathtaking stunts for the film. RACE is looking at a March release.

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