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   Movie Preview : Maharathi


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view MAHARATHI videos

view MAHARATHI videos

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine vision Ltd is all set to release MAHARATHI on 5th December 2008. A Shivam Nair (Of Soha Ali Khan- Abhay Deol starrer AHISTA AHISTA fame) directed film MAHARATHI is a remake of famous Gujarati play by the title 'Maharathi', which was directed by Paresh Rawal.

Earlier the film was titled as CHALA MURARI MURDER KARNE! But later the makers changed it to MAHARATHI. Produced by Dhilin Mehta it stars stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Boman Irani along with Neha Dhupia and Tara Sharma, Vivek Shauq

The film is about a murder mystery that revolves around a wife's attempt to bump off her husband by hiring a hit man. After the mission, the killer does not bring relief but grief to the wife by his cunning antics!!

view MAHARATHI movie stills

view MAHARATHI movie stills

Synopsis :

Subhash (PARESH RAWAL) has spent the last 10 years unsuccessfully trying to get acting parts in films. He makes ends meet by his uncanny ability to think on his feet committing small time cons on unsuspecting victims.

One night he saves a man's life, to do so he puts his own at risk. He accompanies the injured man back home. Subhash is awe struck at the grandeur and affluence of Mr. Adenwalla. (NASSERUDIN SHAH) Subhash realizes this may lead to a generous tip.

Soon enough Subhash is hired by the grateful Adenwalla as his driver. The wife Mallika Adenwalla (NEHA DHUPIA) resents Subhash for his proximity to her husband and senses this man taking advantage of her husband.

Subhash now firmly ensconced in Adenwallas house and heart discovers his wife's evil designs. On the other hand, Adenwalla, driven to the point of insanity by his money hungry wife decides to take the ultimate revenge. He puts his wife in a catch 22 situation by throwing down a challenge.

Subhash recognizes this as an opportunity to rid him-self of a life time of middle class mediocrity and poverty. He collaborates with Mallika to acquire all the money and property.

Working hand in glove, they get a caretaker (TARA SHARMA) with the help of their family lawyer (BOMAN IRANI) to be a witness to an ailing Mr. Adenwallas presence in the house which they concoct their plans.

Several thrilling situations arise in their plan, ranging from false alibis, double-crossing, phony kidnappings to hidden agendas which wreck havoc all around.

But even the best laid plans can go awry and this brings ACP Gokhale (OM PURI) and Inspector Borkar (VIVEK SHAW) into the picture.

How the scheming Subhash gets trapped in his own lies and how he finally manages to save his skin, forms the crux of the story.

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