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   Movie Preview : Kaun Ho Sakta Hai?

Kaun Ho Sakta Hai?

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View Kaun Ho Sakta Hai? Movie Stills

View Kaun Ho Sakta Hai?
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Bunny and Danny two suspicious characters, chasing two mysterious Girls Shyna and Reyna, check-in at Hotel Lions Den in Lonavla. The girls at the Hotel continue to hide and stay away from the boys, but keep a close watch on around Govardhan - the Hotel owner.

That day Govardhan is assaulted and found unconscious in his room. In spite of this life-threatening experience, Govardhan decides not to inform the police at the instance of Maya his General Manager with whom he is having a clandestine love affair. She hires a private detective ‘JB’ to investigate this case.

Next day Govardhan has an altercation with Khattu who wants him to buy his land, which does not have a clear title. And Govardhan is assaulted a second time, and this time, he panics.

Shyna and Reyna secretly try to fulfill their shady business at Lion’s Den Hotel, but Bunny and Danny remain their chief obstacles. The boys always end up bumping into Shyna and Reyna and invariably follow them to strike a friendship. To avoid any suspicion, the girls decide to befriend with them, but superficially

View Kaun Ho Sakta Hai? Movie Stills

View Kaun Ho Sakta Hai? Movie Stills

Maya seduces Govardhar to make him sign his will, making her the sole heiress to his estate. His lobby manager Briganza regularly embezzles money from the hotel and has ambitions to own Lions Den Hotel some day, while Masha Allah, Govardhan’s personal valet is a shady character and schemes to break open Govardhan’s safe and rob his money. Gina the performer at the Hotel discotheque threatens to break her contract and quit.

Surrounded by plotting and scheming characters that are out to get him, again an attempt is made to kill poor Govardhan. This not only shocks everybody but also creates a suspicion amongst the hotel staff as well as the guests.

Who could want to kill Govardhan? As all the characters have a good enough motive. Ask yourself, “KAUN HO SAKTA HAI?”

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