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Movie Preview : Allah Ke Banday

 Allah Ke Banday
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Faruque Kabir
 Kailash Kher, Chirantan Bhatt, Hamza, Faruqui.
 Sharman Joshi, Naseruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Anjana Sukhani, Rukhsar, Faruque Kabir, Zakir Hussain, Vikram Gokhale.

Allah Ke Banday Movie Preview

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view ALLAH KE BANDAY videos

view ALLAH KE BANDAY videos

Rising Star Entertainment and Percept Picture Company present ALLAH KE BANDAY. Directed by debutante Faruque Kabir and produced by Ravi Walia, the film stars Sharman Joshi, Faruque Kabir, Naseruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Anjana Sukhani and Rukhsar.

Along with directing the film, Faruque Kabir has also written the screenplay and dialogues. Kailash Kher
Chirantan Bhatt, Hamza Faruqui and Ishq Bector have given the music. Sandeep Francis is the editor. Cinematography is by Vishal Sinha.

The film is scheduled to release on 12th November, 2010. 


ALLAH KE BANDAY is a story about two friends.

It is about the life of two twelve year old boys living in one of the most ruthless slums of India. From delivering drugs for the Mafia to looting people with their transvestite friend, the two aspire to assert their position in this world of crime.

But when they are wrongly convicted for a murder and sent to the Juvenile Reformatory, they discover a World more chaotic and tough to survive in, than the one they left behind.

The senior inmates with the participation and permission of the dreadful Juvenile warden, subject the two friends to all kinds of torture to suppress their sense of power. But not the ones to take it lying down, they start developing a more sinister criminal psychosis instead of reforming and set on a quest for ultimate power.

Set free at twenty three, Vijay (the intelligent one with dangerous ideas) and Yakub (the hot headed one) form a gang of teenage boys to rule the slums they were born in. The vicious cycle of life continues.

But life forces the two men to make a decision between choosing their misguided childhood dreams and redemption.

Redemption comes, but with a heavy price.

ALLAN KE BANDAY (Children of the Divine) is a film about children in crime, about the inspiration for redemption and above all, this is a film about love. Love for all of us 'Children of the Divine'.

download ALLAH KE BANDAY wallpapers

download ALLAH KE BANDAY wallpapers

Character Sketch:

Naseruddin Shah as Warden
Crippled, cold, calculative. The'Langda' warden has been ruling the Juvenile Prison of Mumbai since long and has been minting money by doing exactly everything that he is not supposed to do, example drugs business, alcohol, extortion, etc. And his customers for all these are kids serving time.

Sharman Joshi as Vijay
The Planner. The Observer. He has been a friend to Yakub in all times and a son to his ailing mother like none. He would go to any extent for the happiness of his loved ones.

He'd peddle drugs as a kid to fund his mother's medical treatment. He'd face bullets to shield Yakub. He'd change his life-style for the woman he loves. But for those who fall outside his circle of affection, he is the one with the dangerous ideas. Ideas that can kill as well as bullets can. And how easy he makes everything look with his calm demeanor.

Faruque Kabir as Yakub
The unguided missile. Some people 'think' before they shoot a gun, some when they are pressing the trigger, some after the kill. Yakub doesn't think at either time. He couldn't care less. Bred with the desire to rule the biggest & richest slum of the world, Yakub is totally intoxicated with power. He'd give his life for Vijay, his friend and brother.

His curly wild look is only a feeble sing of his wild character.

Atul Kulkarni as Ashwani
With the education he had, he could have easily taken a job somewhere and lived happily with his wife Nirmala. But Ashwani started a school for the underprivileged children of the slums. He has always stood for what is right. Passionate in his mission, Ashwani is not the one to get scared of any opposing force.

Zakir Hussain as Ramesh
The one common factor between Vijay & Yakub's childhood and present is Ramesh. An owl. A much senior in age to them, Ramesh is also a product of the Bhool Bhulaiyya and like them, he too has found ways to survive, very oft the wrong ones. If there is one man whom Vijay & Yakub can depend on, it's Ramesh.

Anjana Sukhani as Sandhya
Beautiful, Sensuous & Mysterious. Sandhya is that turning point in the life of Vijay which he was never expecting. Her gentle presence is the whiff of fresh air for Vijay. She makes him complete.

Rukhsar as Nirmala
Educated and married to a teacher, Nirmala is the perfect woman. Be it in the classrooms or the den of the gangsters, she is unafraid to stand shoulder to shoulder by her husband and fight for everything that he believes in. It's her confidence in his strive for justice that gives confidence to Ashwani.

Saksham Kulkarni as Vitthal
The Artist. The Student. Vitthal was the star pupil of Ashwani until Vijay & Yakub made a gangster out of him. With turn of events, Vitthal is now to return to his school and give up crime. But destiny again has different plans.

Suhasini Mulay as Mother
The only person that Vijay & Yakub really cared about in this world was their mother. Her death left them orphaned. Years later, even a sketch of hers would mean everything to Vijay & Yakub.

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