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Movie Preview : Lanka

Director :
Music :

Starring :
 Maqbool Khan
 Toshi Sabri, Sharib Sabri, Rishabh and Gaurav Dagaonkar
 Manoj Bajpayee, Tia Bajpai, Arjan Bajwa, Yashpal Sharma, Manish Choudhary, Yateen Karyekar

Lanka Movie Preview

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ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.and BVG Films presents LANKA, an upcoming Drama movie is set to release on 9th December 2011

Produced by Vikram Bhatt and Directed by Maqbool Khan, the movie stars Manoj Bajpayee, Arjan Bajwa and Tia Bajpai in lead roles.

The Music of the movie is given by Toshi Sabri, Sharib Sabri, Rishabh and Gaurav Dagaonkar.

download LANKA wallpaper
download LANKA wallpaper
'So close and yet so far'. The famous song from Elvis Presley best describes the city of Bijnor. Resting at the northern tip of Uttar Pradesh, Bijnor is still untouched by the progress which is reserved for the metros; just like so many other small towns of India. A few hours from Delhi, Bijnor is still trying to wrestle out of its poverty and its oblivion. He was not a thief, nor a gun-toting criminal. He was not a warlord either. But the city of Bijnor was well aware of this Bhaisaab (Elder Brother); some revered him, some feared him but none ignored him. Closely guarded by the loyalist, Jaswant Sisodia ruled the city of Bijnor; his business empire comprising of sugarcane mills, country liquor distilleries and various other enterprises; some legal and mostly illegal. With parents dead in his formative years, Jaswant was brought up by his father's man Friday, Rajbir. Rajbir and his fourteen-year old son was the only family known to Jaswant, who was now in the prime of his youth. Rajbir's son was in awe of his mentor; some day he would want to be like Jaswant.

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'With his eyes set on the other adjoining satellite towns of Bijnor, Jaswant was slowly spreading his empire; gaining a few enemies in return. And then things took an ugly turn; the enemy struck. Rajbir died and his fourteen-year boy was made to flee the city. Jaswant took a beating; but not for long. Jaswant struck hard; the policemen responsible for Rajbir's death were annihilated and Jaswant became the undisputed kingmaker of Bijnor and the adjoining towns. Governments changed, judiciary got transferred, administration retired; Jaswant Sisodia had a final verdict on everything. Ten years later, Jaswant, now his forties, is still engrossed in his work to give love a thought, until that day. Arun Sarin joined the government hospital of Bijnor as the new Chief Medical Officer. Accompanied by his wife and a twenty-year daughter, Arun Sarin arrived at Bijnor not knowing what tragedy awaited him. Jaswant fell in love with the twenty-year old daughter. The institution of marriage never fascinated Jaswant. It wasn't necessary whether he got loved back. It wasn't necessary if the world deemed the relationship wrong; Jaswant Sisodia forced Anju was forced into a relationship without her consent; morality died every day. Anju, the twenty-year daughter was crestfallen; the smile vanished, the dreams dashed; the hope lost and pathos took over. Jaswant, too obsessed, shut his mind and locked his soul; the modern-day 'Raavan's'(Mythological Villian) only fallacy; LOVE.

'Bijnor was the fortress; the 'Lanka' where Anju was held captive.The father, Arun Sarin pleaded with everyone; but the administration, the judiciary turned a deaf ear; the police looked the other way. Arun's family was kept on a house arrest, virtually; the Sisodia men keeping guard 24x7. Anju cried silently; the city of Bijnor kept quiet. Rajbir's son, now his early thirties arrives in Bijnor. His mentor, Jaswant welcomes him with open arms; the younger brother, the son, the loyalist was back. Rajbir's son never questioned his mentor; he treaded the path laid by his mentor. Leading a demonic life, the modern-day Vibhishan(Raavan's Brother/Mythological Character) had no voice of his own until he met Anju. The human in him shook him up; the plight of the young girl was far too overwhelming. Torn between his loyalty for his master and the empathy for Anju, the boy. Searched for an answer. The journey continues as the boy goes through an emotional turmoil; would it be right for him to go against the man who taught him to walk? And then the boy, the brother, the Vibhishan finds his truth!!! He knew that some would call him a traitor; some would call him the man who was responsible for his own brother's downfall. He also knew he was no god, nor was he a Ram (Vishnu's Avtaar); he was just an Ordinary man who wanted to listen to his inner voice; a man who wanted to tread the path of truth. The inner walls of 'Lanka' (Raavan's Kingdom) crumbled as the boy questioned his mentor;

The truth prevailed. 'Lanka', the film is an emotional journey of man torn between The loyalty for his mentor and the empathy he feels for a girl; A journey of a modern-day 'Asur' (Devil) who chose to be a man; A journey of a man who would be termed a traitor by some and a righteous by others. A Modern day folklore, Lanka is about love, loyalty, betrayal & justice.

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