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   Movie Preview : Bombay To Bangkok

Bombay To Bangkok

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Download Bombay To Bangkok Wallpapers

Download Bombay To Bangkok Wallpapers

Shankar, a Mumbai cook, in desperate need of money steals from the local Don. Giving the Don's cronies the slip he escapes impersonating a doctor with a team heading for relief work in Thailand. His plan though goes awry as he loses the all important money bag in the ensuing chaos.

In Bangkok his search for the missing loot is derailed when he bumps into a lovely massage girl - Jasmine - and is instantly smitten! The hitch is she speaks only Thai and he can't converse with her at all. A ray of hope comes his way the next day when Jasmine turns up desperately in need of a doctor! Shankar along with his Thai-Sardar buddy Rachwinder, jump to the rescue and unwittingly pull Jasmine into his road-trip searching for the money bag. Hot on their trail are the vengeful Don's rapper son Jam K & his henchmen who have landed in Bangkok to retrieve their money. Hop onto this hilarious comedy of errors with Shankar as he discovers love and life on a rollicking ride from Bombay to Bangkok.

Characters :

A cook from Dharavi who desperately needs money for his ailing mother, but little does he know that by cheating the local don he would unwittingly be on the chase of a lifetime as he tumbles from Bombay to Bangkok. This poor boy with a golden heart on his sleeves finds his world turning upside down when he gets looped into an unusual love story.

The lovely new recruit at an exotic Thai massage parlor is caught unaware when Dr. Shankar makes a trip to her parlor. This chance encounter soon begins to draw her into a madcap whirlwind adventure across the island nation. But be on guard as this strong minded Thai chic may have lesson or two to teach the Desi boy.

Rachwinder Singh (Rash)
His last few generations have made Thailand their abode but that does not take away this large hearted Sardarji’s appetite for life as he unknowingly plays cupid for a few young hearts.

Jam K
Jamal Khan, the heir to his gangster father’s legacy finds himself a complete misfit because deep down in his heart he firmly believes he can make the world sit up and notice his talent for Rap music. Unable to disobey his father he unwillingly sets off on Shankar’s heels, but hold on to your funny bone as ‘Jam K’ tickles you Gangstarap style!

This eager psychiatrist in the team of doctors always has a suspicious eye pinned on fishy Dr. Shankar. But her own mental makeup may go for a toss as nothing could have prepared her for some kooky counseling sessions with Jam K!

Dr. Kolluri
The highly regarded and humble leader of the doctor team. This oldie is everyone’s favorite as he sets out on a mission for global medical aide. But if you have ‘Doc’ Shankar on board can anything go according to plan?

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