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Movie Preview : Aisha

Director :
Starring :
 Rajshree Ojha
 Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey, Amrita Puri, Cyrus Sahukar, Lisa Haydon, Arunoday Singh.

Aisha Movie Preview

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view AISHA videos

view AISHA videos

Anil Kapoor Productions presents upcoming film AISHA starring Sonam Kapoor & Abhay Deol. Produced by Sonam's father Anil Kapoor and sister Rhea Kapoor, AISHA is directed by Rajshree Ojha.

Also starring Arunoday Singh (SIKANDAR fame), Cyrus Sahukar, Amrita Puri, M.K. Raina, Lisa Haydon, Anuradha Patel, Ira Dubey, Anand Tiwari and Sameer Malhotra, AISHA is an adaption of the British novel, Emma by Jane Austen.

The music of the film is composed by Amit Trivedi.

The movie has been shot in Delhi, Hrishikesh and Mumbai and all set to release by August 2010.


Aisha is about a twenty-five year old Delhi girl Aisha Kapoor, an incorrigible meddler who believes that "there is nothing more beautiful than a match well made." Aisha has unmatched style and social graces. She is an artist, loves gardening and knows her fashion. She can make her Anamika Khanna blend well with her Chanel and a Jimmy Choo with ease. She is charming and everyone wants to be her friend and every guy wants to date her. However, she hasn't found the time or space in her life for a man because she's too busy trying to fix everyone else's life.

Having lost her mother at a young age, and her elder sister married off, she is now the mother hen and looks after her father and the house well. She refers to every activity as her "project". She believes she knows best and she believes she is the only one who can make anything happen.

After successfully marrying her Masi to a widower Colonel, Aisha sets her sights on pairing her plain, new, uncultured friend, Shefali, with the local rich boy Randhir "Patel nagar ka papu". Randhir, however, has other ideas, as does Aisha's closest friend, Pinky, a pessimistic loud-mouthed girl.

Enter Arjun, her childhood friend who reprimands Aisha on her 'projects' and mismatches. Arjun and Aisha share an antagonistic relationship that teeters between subtle flirtations and all out verbal digs at one another.
Arjun is the responsible and has a successful career. He is the kind of guy who will never stray and will be in love with his woman for the rest of his life. An every woman's dream man!

Just as Arjun becomes over protective and uncomfortably close to his colleague, Aarti, in comes Dhruv, the quintessential player with a constant smirk on his face and extra strong gel in his hair that won't allow a strand to go out of place. He's the bad boy that gives Aisha a run for her comebacks, leaves her jelly kneed and makes her think that maybe it's time she gave her own love life a chance. But as all girls learn, if a boy isn't going to get tamed, he's going to change his lair ever so often.
As Aisha's romantic angles go ridiculously wrong, triangles dissect and quadrangles form, she realizes that she is not very good at matchmaking. She makes a hilariously tangled mess of every body's lives around her only to realize that she may lose the perfect match for herself.

As in a Jane Austen story, it's obvious that won't last for long. Indeed, before the two hours are up, the title character has become enmeshed in a number of romantic entanglements, and it doesn't take a genius to uncover the identity of Aisha's true soul mate. Aisha then has the daunting task of finding her own path in front of her, even if it means cutting a route through the thick swampy jungles of the mess she has created. At least she'll do it while looking good and smelling great.

Aisha is an all out romantic comedy that leaves the cupid at the drivers seat. Aisha is every woman, trying to figure out herself, her way and her life and ultimately coming out smelling like peaches.... with a 'strawberries and cream man' by her side!

view AISHA movie stills

view AISHA movie stills

Character Sketch:

Sonam Kapoor as Aisha Kapoor -
Aisha lost her mother when she was about 6 years old. That's when her masi came to live with her father, her elder sister Aalia and her. She is a pretty, high-spirited, intelligent girl who has been spoilt to the hilt by her father because she was the baby. At the same time, she's the one who took care of them all. She has grown up in the privileged high society of Delhi and has certain social rules that she conducts her life with. She is constantly taking up projects to fix other people's lives because if she were to actually stop and think about her own life, she would discover that she is actually a very lonely little girl.

Aisha is a bit of a prude. She has this virginal quality about her because being sexy or public displays of affection are crass. She is genuinely surprised when Randhir declares his love for her and her flirtation with Dhruv is just for some adventure rather than any romantic interest. As for Arjun and her, she has this constant love-hate relationship going with him. She has practically grown up with him and he knows her inside out but she has failed to see the real Arjun. If he were to ever go away from her life, she would have this void that will never ever get filled again.

Abhay Deol as Arjun Burman - Arjun is Aalia's brother-in-law, her husband Karan's younger brother. He is intelligent, articulate, mature and in essence, the perfect Jane Austen hem with no faults but the desire to achieve perfection in all aspects of his life. He has a strict moral code that he lives his life by. An investment banker by profession, he shuttles between London, New York, San Francisco and New Delhi. A Wharton on alumni has seen the world and dated various women. But he wants only one - Aisha - if only she would realize her own potential and see herself the way he sees her. He constantly reprimands her and points out all her faults but all he really wants to do is hold her and never let her go.

Arunoday Singh as Dhruv Singh - The charming, gorgeous man whom every girl would instantly have a huge crush on. He knows he is good-looking and smoothes his way in everywhere with his effortless charm and panache. He lost his mother when he was a teen and was brought up by his father Col. Singh. He is a player and can plot and plan his way to achieve his goals without a conscience.

Cyrus Sahukar as Randhir Gambhir -
Randhir, a Doon school product is the typical Punjabi wimpy mamma's boy who falls in and out of love every six months. But during those six months, he falls head over heels for that particular girl. He is a flirt in a harmless way and is innocently stupid.

Ira Dubey as Pinky Bose - Pinky has been Aisha's best friend since kindergarten. At one point they were like Siamese twins joined at the hip. Pinky comes from a filthy rich background, an only child, her parents made up for their unavailability through material objects. As a result of growing up without love or physical affection, Pinky has become a cynical, hard to-please girl with strong opinions and a biting sense of humour that she uses as a self-defense mechanism. She knows she isn't very intelligent or pretty, so uses her really bad fashion sense to get attention. She takes whatever shit Aisha gives her because that's really the only person she has in this world. But she isn't ditsy. She has a strong head on her shoulders and knows that in order to survive in this world, you have to carve your own path.

Amrita Puri as Shefali Thakur - Shefali is a young, naive, gullible, behenji from the back & beyond Bahadurgarh, Haryana. An orphan from a middle class family, she has been brought into the big city for the sole purpose of being married off by her uncle and aunt. She looks up to Aisha and takes her word as the law. She is insecure and under-confident and needs someone to just tell her she is perfectly fine. But know one does that and she just continues being Aisha's shadow. 

Lisa Haydon as Aarti Menon -
Arati is a successful career woman who will do anything to reach the top. She is beautiful, polished, refined and very confident. All men think her the perfect catch and she knows it, using her physical assets to get all the attention for herself, especially in clothes that are not all there. She is the kind of woman who probably doesn't have a single female friend because then they would be a threat to her position.

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