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   Movie Preview : Jumbo


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view JUMBO movie poster

view JUMBO movie poster


Akshay Kumar as Jumbo: - During his childhood, he is a naughty jungle elephant who is curious about his father who is never around. He leaves his herd to find his father and embarks on a journey which culminates in him becoming the royal elephant for the king.

Lara Dutta as Sonia: - A pretty, cheerful, young female elephant with a kind heart. Initially Jumbo is upset with her because he thinks that she’s a trickster but after spending time with her, their relationship blossoms into pure love.

Rajpal Yadav as Dildaar: - A messenger from the army, he is jumbo’s partner and irrepressible sidekick. He is a talkative bird, funny, silly, self-absorbed and opinionated, acting like a fussy nanny, often giving advice to jumbo.'

view JUMBO movie poster

view JUMBO movie poster

Dimple Kapadia as Devi: - She is Jumbo’s mother and hates humans above all else. She is the embodiment of pure love and security that a mother could give her child. She is extremely protective of her child but eventually can’t stand in the way of his destiny.

Gulshan Grover as Bakhtavar: - He is the Royal Elephant of the opposing army. He is the one who killed Jumbo’s father. In this story he represents the fear that Jumbo has to overcome.

Sikandar: - He is an aged Royal Elephant who had fought the war along with Jumbo’s father. It is his words of wisdom that make Jumbo reconsider his final decision.

The Gang: - The gangs are nothing but a bunch of unruly brats. They always play rough; they are disobedient and are consistently getting into trouble. Wherever they go, mayhem and mess follows.

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