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Movie Preview : Kisaan


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view KISAAN movie poster

view KISAAN movie poster

A Sohail Khan production KISAAN is all set to release on August 7th. Directed by Puneet Sira, the film stars Jackie Shroff, Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Diya Mirza, Nauheed Cyrusi essentially & introducing Romeo. The music of the film is scored by Daboo Malik and lyrics penned by Salim Bijnori, Panchi Jalonvi, S R Bharti, K Juneja and Amal Malik.


KISAAN is the story of how agriculture is the main ingredient of progress of the country and how despite rapid Industrialization and urbanization of our rural areas it only agriculture which can be a sustainable and successful path of progress for the country.

Dayal Singh (Jackie Shroff) is a Kisaan whose life is eternally governed by his ancestral lands in a small village in Punjab. For generations, his family has farmed the lush green belt of lands which season after season, year after year has fed and provided his family in good years and bad. A widower who's led by his own strong moral beliefs raised his sons, Aman and Jigar, on his own from when they were toddlers.

Dayal Singh decides educating one of his sons with his limited funds is the best course of action. The choice had always been clear. Aman Singh, his book greedy favorite son will study, he will leave the village life and be educated in the city to make something of himself, something more relevant than a farmer.

As the years unfold and the boys grow into men, their unshakeable childhood brotherhood is unsettled by the different views they now have of the world. Jigar Singh (Sohail Khan) rose at his father's side to emulate the best of him and his code is now a strong who has made farming his career and who has happy go lucky attitude in life. Father and son together implicitly know each other and their bond. When Aman Singh (Arbaaz Khan) returns from the city to visit, the family becomes divided.

During an all important Panchayat meeting, a deep insult is meted out by the village miscreant Nirmal (Romeo) on behalf of a shrewd businessman, Sohan Seth (Dilip Tahil) who is eager to confiscate their lands. It hurts Dayal Singh pride in himself, adding insult to injury it is witnessed by the respected elders of the village. He looks to his elder son, Aman to avenge him. Aman Singh the city returned, educated degree holder, the lawyer will use all the strength of the courts and the fury of his words in litigation to avenge his father's insult and Dayal Singh is comforted. But when Jigar Singh learns of the act, his reaction is brutal yet simple. It spin tails the family into a course of direction they can never return from, severing the frail ties that barely holds the two vastly different brothers together.

view KISAAN movie stills

view KISAAN movie stills

Sohan Seth clearly uses the differences between the brothers and by appealing to the logical side of Aman involves him in their attempts to takeover the highly valued land. The years of educating himself have honed his ability to think without emotion and he can see the merit in the Seth's claim. Their family lands are strategically bordering a road. A road close enough to the city to qualify as commercial land. Over the years all the other neighbouring farmers have sold their land to the Seth where he may one day set up his lucrative factory, all that remains is the expensive family plot. Sell it for crores and retire or use the money to buy more fertile land farther away. It's clear to Aman, there's no need for blood shed. But his uneducated father and brother are adamant. Successive generations of Kisaans have farmed, tilled, bled and sweated over that precious land. Ancestral land is more valuable that what can be stored in bank accounts and therefore they refuse to sell the land and keep continuing farming on the land.

The wedge that has grown between the brothers is one that's apparent to all. To their enemies who use their needling efforts to drive them further apart for their own commercial benefit. Each son is locked into a battle of right; each is immersed in their path to success. Jigar begins his industrial resistance of Sohan Seth and Aman uses the power of his knowledge to fight his family. This leads to shocking turn of events when in the struggle of land and brotherhood, tragedy befalls. A death in the family. As each man is challenged by the other and he re-examines his convictions, the family is reunited in battle.

Now the battle is no longer between each other, but between them and those who should have known better. Blood is thicker than water; words are meaningless without the heart behind them. Loyalty and honor will outlast stubbornness and pride. And land, land will outlast them all as agriculture is the noblest profession because it provides food to the entire world. KISAAN is a story that proves that no other occupation can replace agriculture and if the country has to make progress it has to ensure progress and prosperity to farmers because if the country has to get enough food to eat it is necessary that agriculture is vigorously promoted as an occupation as done by this film.

KISAAN, the story of a farmer.

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