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Movie Preview : Bandook

Director :  Aditya Om
Music :  Nikhil Kamath
Lyrics :  Kapil Sibal, Shiv Sagar, Aditya Om
Starring :  Aditya Om, Manisha Kelkar, Arshad Khan, Ashish Kotwal, Gauri Shankar, Virendra Singh

Bandook Movie Preview

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view BANDOOK posters
view BANDOOK posters
Modern Cinema presents, BANDOOK, a crime thriller film directed and written by Aditya Om.

The film stars, Aditya Om, Manisha Kelkar, Arshad Khan, Ashish Kotwaal, Gauri Shankar, Virendra Singh in pivotal roles.

The music of the film is directed by Nikhil Kamath, Lavan, Veeral and lyrics penned by Shiv Sagaar, Kapil Sibal and Aditya Om.

The film is scheduled to release on 18 January, 2013.


Where gun is the last argument, the perfect style, the ultimate charm, the ladder to money, fame, women and power. BANDOOK tells the story of the lawless interiors of Gangetic Plain where the ability to pull a trigger perfectly, remorselessly is a coveted talent, where the world spins around guns, where the gun has become the umbilical cord between crime and politics.

We trace the story of Bhola a lower caste boatman who pursues his ambitions and his passions ruthlessly, his rise in the criminal charts, his ascent into corridors of power and his descent into blood, money and women. Early on in his life Bhola played by Aditya Om realizes the evolutionary compulsions of his surroundings and goes all out to become a famous sharpshooter.

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Mentored by old criminal hand Lochan Singh Yadav played by Arshad Khan, Bhola slaves his skills for the highest bidders. Kajri a woman of unknown origin played by Manisha kelkar becomes his all-time companion. In the constantly changing world of crime, politics and repressed passions Bhola rises to the top of the food chain surviving every challenge, till the secrets from his past bond with his present enmities to pose an insurmountable challenge. What happens to Bhola, how the crime-politico nexus thrives and how love still remains alive in the ruins of violence forms the climax of the story? BANDOOK conforms to the old saying' give the men guns and they will give you an interesting story' it also shows the unknown psychological tracts covered by human mind from picking a gun to pulling a trigger.

Character Sketches

Aditya Om as Bhola Kewat
Manisha Kelkar as Kajri
Arshad Khana as Lochan Singh Yadav
Ashish Kotwaal as Hari Om Tripathi
Gauri Shankar as Police Inspector Puttu Tiwari
Virendra Singh as Virendra Singh

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