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   Movie Preview : Lottery


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view LOTTERY movie stills

view LOTTERY movie stills

3S Creations' LOTTERY is all set to hit the screens on 20th March 2009. Directed by well known television director Hemant Prabhu, LOTTERY was supposed to have been released a year back but has been ready only now.

It stars the first Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant who shot to instant fame and recognition with the show. It also features two leading ladies opposite Abhijeet - Rucha Gujarati and Manisha Kelkar - both of whom are making their debut with the film. While Rucha Gujarati hails from television industry who has tried her hand at everything...May it be commercials, Music albums, TV Soaps or Reality shows, she has done it all!

The music is being composed by Santokh Singh (Channa vey ghar aaja... fame), who also makes his debut in feature films.

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A romantic musical thriller, LOTTERY is special for Abhijeet since other than being the lead protagonist of the film; he has also lent his vocals to as many as three songs. He has sung his songs along with Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal and others.

It is a dream launch for Abhijeet sawant who makes his debut in Hindi Cinema wit a role of tailor-made for him. The youngster relives the role of a middle class boy with big dreams. Life changes dramatically when he wins a game of luck. But his happiness is short lived. He realizes that he is now trapped in a dangerous game of intrigue, mystery, money and crime. The Smile leads him on... to the deadly end!

LOTTERY takes the viewer through a spine chilling events, comical situations, a climax you will never forget!


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Life is beautiful...

It is always said and for Rohit Avasti, (25), this seems to be very true. Though his job is a junior accountant with ''femme'' a leading fashion magazine, is not very promising, he is still enjoying a bit of it because that's the only way and place where he can meet Simran... Simran Kapoor (24), his love, his obesession, his goal in life.

Rohit's friend Kabir (26) has made several attempts to warn Rohit that Simran is manipulating him for her personal gains, but fails to succeed and it is in this scenario Soha is introduced to Rohit.

Soha (24) is aware of Rohit's one-sided unconditional love for Simran, yet finds it difficult to hold herself back. Coming from a disturbed family background, she craves for a strong relationship, with a caring man who can heal her deep wounds. Her heart beats faster wherever she is with him and re-iterates the fact that she is indeed in love with him.

Soha’s mystic persona draws Rohit closer to her, his otherwise dull life is sprinkled with colors of Soha's virgin love and charm. Both of them holds hand to walk the aisle under the rainbow unaware of the dark clouds hovering above them.

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Just when the things were going good for Rohit and he was basking in Soha's love he made it to participate in a bet without his consent - by whom and why??? Rohit fails to understand. The Bet... ''A pregnant lady whom Rohit does not know is about to deliver a baby. If she delivers a baby girl Rohit stands to win rupees 3 lakhs in cash and if in case she delivers a baby boy then Rohit will get nothing.

Though not wanting to, Rohit wins the bet and earns Rs 3 lakhs but who is playing this game with him he wonders again, this is when he lured into second bet. This time, the stakes are higher and so is the risk. Life is not only beautiful but also very grateful, Rohit thinks, for love is smiling at him on one end and on the other end goddess of wealth.

He plunges into second betting willingly and wins Rs 7 lakhs and how the battle of love and greed starts. This beautiful life that promised happiness and bliss is now spitting the fire of disaster. Friends have become foes. The greed for money has overshadowed the brightness of love. The last bet for one crore rupees turns ugly and Rohit is framed for a murder, which he did not commit. The fight for truth begins and the ensuing drama unfolds a story never told before.

Though dark, at times the narrative has subtle humor. it is a love story spiced up with thrills, nail biting suspense, electrifying peace with unexpected twists... It's a game which has a beginning but has no end, and Rohit Avasti is a part of it. What began as a simple fun game has become a bizarre bloody ordeal.

Rohit, whi always wanted to make it big but had no means and when he had it... life has some other bloody plans for him.

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