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Movie Preview : Turning 30

 Turning 30
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Alankrita Shrivastava
 Siddharth Das
 Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Sid Makkar, Tillotama Shome and Jeneva Talwar

Turning 30 Movie Preview

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view TURNING 30 videos

Prakash Jha Production presents, TURNING 30!!! It is all set to release on January 14, 2011.

Written and directed by debutante Alankrita Shrivastava and produced by Prakash Jha, TURNING 30!!! stars Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Sid Makkar, Tillotama Shome and Jeneva Talwar.

The music of the movie is given by Siddharth Das and the lyrics is penned by Kumaar, Ram Goutam, Suhas Shetty and Prashant Pandey


Turning 30!!! is Naina's story as she grapples with heartbreak, and a crisis in her advertising career in the face of her 30th birthday.

And as she fights her anxiety and fears about being 30 years old, Naina realises there's a lot of growing up to be done.

Set in the heart of urban Mumbai, Turning 30!!! is a humorous and heart-warming take on a single young woman's journey of finding herself, discovering love and blossoming into a woman of substance.

view TURNING 30 stills

view TURNING 30 stills

Character Sketch:

Gul Panag as Naina Singh: The quintesstial single girl, living a free, independent life admist upon the urban madness of Bombay.

Naina is spunky, fun and vibrant, 29 going on 30 she's all set to make it.

Talented and ambitious, Naina's career in advertising is on the rise.

And in her charming and quaint apartment in subarban Bombay, Naina leads an interesting life. She parties with her friends and loves her drink. She stops, she talks, she laughs, she eats choclate cake...

She has friends who're family, and a boyfriend she thinks she's going to marry...

But turning 30 is never easy!! life dosen't always go according to plan, and relationships are often grey and complex...

Purab Kohli as Jai: Photographer, mountaineer, dreamer... When young, Jai fled from commitment...grown up, he is irresistible.

Back in Bombay after a long stint in London, Jai is the 30 year old guy every girl dreams about.

He's a jack, who's all heart, Creative, Intelligent... and all grown-up. He's made his mistakes, been there done that... and is now ready to be responsible.

But just because you're ready to take that leap of faith, doesn't mean that things will turn out the way you want them too...

Sid Makkar as Rishabh: The charmer. The sweetheart. The guy you want to take home to Mom. investment banker, wannabe poet, bad singer, great cook... Mr. romantic and Mr. dependable rolled

into one. You know he's the mayyying type...

And so it is...

But sometimes things change, we change... and our decisions change...

Tillotama Shome as Malini Roy: Art curator and critic. Bothemian and alternative, With no man in sight...

One at Naina's closest friends from college, she likes her colours bright, her opinions strong... and her style - bald and unconventional. She doesn't mince words and she's a friend like no other.

A rising star in the world of art... she's still trying to discover herself... and figure out who she really is...

Jeena Talwar as Ruksana: Vivacious, beautiful... the perfect friend... with the perfect nails and the perfect marriage.

Ruksana is all about love and warmth, and fun and games. She is every girl's best friend.

She'll tell you when you need to get a facial and when you need to call off a relationship. When you need to go on a diet... and when you need to quit your job... She'll make sure you dissolve your heartbreak in

a spicy cocktail... and she'll give you tissue to wipe your tears... That's Ruksana.

Going by her warm smile, her life seems perfect... looking at her you could never tell the dilemmas and crisis that lie beneath...

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