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Director :  Vivek Sharma
Music :  Vishal & Shekhar
Starring :  Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla & Shahrukh Khan

Bhoothnath Movie Preview

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Story of an Angel

BOOTHNATH is a story of a deceased grandfather with his grandson. It stars Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Rajpal Yadav, Satish Shah, Aman Siddiqui and Tejas are two main kids. King Khan will be seen playing a cameo (a special appearance) in BHOOTHNATH along with Big B thus putting an end to the much hyped cold war between him and Big B. For the first time BR Chopra banner have hired Vivek Sharma to direct BHOOTHNATH. After hits like Dard-e- Disco and many others the Vishal Shekar duo will be giving the music for BHOOTHNATH. The movie will be released on 9th May 2008.

view BHOOTHNATH videos
view BHOOTHNATH videos

Character sketch :

Amitab Bachchan as Boothnath (Kailash Nath)
Banku's Imaginary friend, Bhoothnath, is his partner in crime. Bhoothnath, who initially is reserved and irritable in the film, inverts when he finds a grandson in Banku sharing a very special relationship with him. The two are inseparable. They plan a lot of pranks at school and home .The bond between them personifies love and innocence.

Aman Siddiqui as Banku (Aman Sharma)
Perfect Dennis menace... he loves to play pranks, make up stories and trouble his mom. His innocence is deceiving. Since he has moved to Nath Villa he's made a special friend Bhoothnath!

Juhi Chawla as Mom (Anjali Sharma)
She is an easy going, fun loving and completely lazy person. Doing chores at home isn't her cup of tea; she and her son have a ball of time at home. They are seen playing and laughing all the time.

Rajpal Yadav as Anthony
Hires as a servant, born to drink. Anthony is a drunkard, hired to help Banku's lazy mom. His drunken stupor throughout evokes giggles.

Satish Shah as Principal Irani
Principal at Banku's new school. He is extremely fond of student's lunch boxes. He is in for a ride when Banku and Bhoothnath pull a prank on him, where, whatever he speaks comes out as Gibberish.

Synopsis :

It's believed that children have the strongest connection to god. They have the ability to perceive goodness in everything and everyone. This is a story about a seven year old naughty yet innocent boy, who unknowingly turns a foe into a friend. This is a story about Banku and his friend, Bhoothnath... About innocence, honesty and the pure love of a child. It is believed a mother's love is selfless. But a child's love can transform relationships; it comes with no expectations and no boundaries. Their love can make you believe in miracles.

Come experience this summer a story about a little innocence, a little playfulness, and a lot of emotions that will touch your heart. This is a story that will show us adults to see the world through the eyes of a child... An angel, a creation of God. Its then that you'll realize what a beautiful world we live in after all.

Hope Big B's ghost appearance for the first time is liked by the audience.

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