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   Movie Preview : Dil Kabaddi

Dil Kabaddi

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view DIL KABADDI movie stills

view DIL KABADDI movie stills

A film about the troubled relationship of two Mumbai couples, Rishi & Simi & Samit & Mita. Whether it's sexual dissatisfaction, a desire for independence, or nothing more than boredom, the characters fumble in the dark of their own emotions when facing relationships that don't suit them anymore. Temptation comes in the form of 'the other,' i.e., that which we don't have but nevertheless want: the college student with a thing for older men; the sensitive colleague from work who yearns for a traditional relationship; the fit aerobics instructor attuned to her body but not her mind. DIL KABADDI ponders the mystery of why human beings invariably view the grass as greener on the other side, as well as the puzzle of why some find out for themselves while others don't.

Rishi is a documentary film maker and teaches at Sophia. Simi, an agony aunt columnist with a magazine, is married to Rishi for the last 2 years. Simi is a rich and contradictory character.'' She's someone with a will of steel who pretends to be helpless.

Their best friends are Samit , a successful banker and Mita , who works for a cosmetic surgeon. If asked how she liked the dinner, she says that she loved it, that it was superb, but she'd like to teach the chef how to make a proper Biryani.

DIL KABADDI follows the moral muddles and emotional crises of Samit, Mita, Simi and Rishi over the next year and a half as the friends fight, separate, take lovers and, in a way, reconcile.

view DIL KABADDI movie stills

view DIL KABADDI movie stills

The film begins when college professor Rishi bose and his wife, Simi, open the door of their Mumbai apartment to their friends Samit and Mita . 'Samit and I are getting a divorce,' says Mita. Rishi is stunned. But the usually calm Simi reacts hysterically, as if threatened. Mita says they just want to see what it's like to be apart. But her fixed smile has something else under her comforting words.

This incident leads Rishi and Simi to examine their own marriage. 'Am I cold in bed?' asks Simi. She's jealous of Rishi's students. 'They don't want a married man,' says Rishi,

Rishi's been flirting with a student named Raga, played with seductive poise .The two share a kiss on her twenty-first birthday, But Rishi backs off. He is shocked by Raga's history of seeing older men, including her father's trainee. The final blow comes when Raga dares to criticize his script; his goddess is suddenly a twit for him. Raga has a theory: 'Life doesn't imitate art; it imitates bad saas bhau serial.'

Mita is angry and frustrated when Samit shacks up with a much younger aerobic trainer named Rakhi. Mita eventually meets Veer an editor at a magazine where Simi works. Even after several hilariously attempts, Veer is unable to win her love. Samit is more happy, until his young Rakhi fails to fit in with his old friends. When class less, Rakhi shows her true colors at a party, a humiliated Samit brutally drags her away. It's an ugly, uncompromising scene, matched later when Samit finds Mita with Veer in his house..

While Samit and Mita try to save their marriage, Rishi and Simi let theirs go. The film leads us through the break-up of both marriages, via a trio of passionate infatuations--Samit with his aerobics instructor Rakhi, Rishi with a 21-year-old student Raga, and Mita with a colleague of Simi's. It ends with one of the couples attempting reconciliation, after realizing that everlasting romantic love is a misleading, myth.

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