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Movie Preview : I Am Kalam

 I Am Kalam
Director :
Starring :
 Nila Madhab Panda
 Gulshan Grover, Harsh Mayar

I Am Kalam Movie Preview

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view I AM KALAM Poster
view I AM KALAM  Poster
Smile Foundation's I AM KALAM is all set to release on 5th August 2011. The film is directed by Nila Madhab Panda and stars Harsh Mayar, Gulshan Grover, Husaan Saad, Beatrice Ordeix, Pitobaash, Meena Mir.

I AM KALAM is a film about a poor Rajasthani boy, Chhotu, who is inspired by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Harsh Mayar, who plays Chhotu, is a slum kid from Delhi. The plot revolves around Chhotu and his strong desire to learn reading.

The film has been premiered at 63rd Cannes Film Festival. It has been showcased in various film festivals bagging various prestigious awards and honours.
The lead actor Harsh Mayar has also won the National Award for the film in the Child Actor category.


Hi I am Kalam!

I come from a small village in Rajasthan, I live there with my mother and little brother. Life here is very difficult. Getting proper meal is a rarity so going to school is just out of question. But I like reading, learning new things and making new friends. When I grow up, I want to be a big man, wear good clothes and a tie and become successful.

Mother says that my brain works 'Rail se bhi tez'. To help my mother support the family I work with Bhati Mamu at his dhaba. He has a camel, Laxmi. I am her best friend. Tourists from various countries stop at our dhaba. I like talking to them and learning their languages.

APJ Kalam ji is my role model. I am his most obedient student. I know that I can become like him if I go to school.

I hate it when people call me Chhotu; because I AM KALAM.

view I AM KALAM movie stills
Character Sketch:

Harsh Mayar as Kalam: I am Kalam. People keep calling me Chhotu and I hate it. Mother says my brain works Rail Se Bhi Tez. I love to read books and learn new things. I want to go to school, but my family is very poor. I work in Bhati mama's dhaba to support my family. APJ Kalam is my hero and I want to become like him.

Husaan Saad as Ranvijay: Every day I watch Ranvijay waiting for his school bus at the stop next to our dhaba. He is the kunwar sa (prince), king's heir, no wonder he wears a tie and goes to school. But Ranvijay is a very friendly boy. He lends me his books and toys and I help him with his lessons. We are best friends and we share a lot of secrets.

Gulshan Grover as Bhati mama sa: He is like a brother to my mother, He has always helped us during tough times. He is very kind and loving person. I work with him at his dhaba and trust me; he makes the best Chai in the whole world. He has taught me his secret Chai recipe also. You know what; Bhati mamu dresses his best when Lucie madam visits the dhaba. God knows why?

He always tells me 'Kismat se ladna chod de' and I reply to him saying 'Kismat koni hoti, sab karam hota hai'. Differences apart I love him a lot!

Beatrice Ordeix as Lucie madam: I met Lucie madam at Bhati mama's stall. She is from France but she loves Rajasthan and specially Bhati mama's food. She calls this place her home. She has taught me French and she has also promised to take me to Delhi and send me to school. She is my only ray of hope.

Pitobaash as Haddi oorf Laptan: He works at Bhati mama's stall with me. Actually he wants to become a Bollywood hero but he is zero in real life. He is an ill-minded person, but I am not at all scared of him because I know what he is sacred of.

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