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Movie Preview : Vikalp

Director :
Starring :
 Sachin Karande
 Deepal Shaw, Akshay Singh, Kranti Prakash Jha, Aloknath, Chetan Pandit, Nirmal Pandey, Onkar Shinde, Abhijeet Lahir, Pankaj Beri, Jyoti Joshi & Abhay Joshi

Vikalp Movie Preview

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Rishika Gandhi, a docile, middle class & Marathi girl from an orphanage in Kolhapur is a sort of prodigy in the field of computer education. She lands up in a job with a respectable IT company in Mumbai because of her exceptional talent. Some goof up happens during her tenure as the code developer in the company for which she is humiliated & rebuked by the arrogant boss of the company. Insulted & broken hearted, Rishika resigns and decides to leave India and takes up the offer from another Bangkok based Software Company.


Rishika thought that Bangkok was a great refuge from all her troubles in India but she was wrong! Within a couple of months of working there she realizes that she is caught in a network of internet criminals and she was being used as a hacker in the name of software developer. The technology through which she wanted to make an identity of her own ultimately has taken away her identity itself. It seems like an impossible to win battle for this timid, shy & low on esteem girl. How Rishika wins over her internal & external weaknesses to face the greatest challenge of her life using her education and will power makes up the highly moving and inspiring climax of the story

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