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View Aryan Movie StillsAryan- Unbreakable, one more action flick is set to roll for Sohail Khan. Aryan, as the name symbolizes it endures anger, fire, courage. Story of a man’s fight to achieve his dreams. The story is completely based on man’s undying struggle towards his ambition.

Sohail Khan portrays the central character ‘Aryan’, who is a born fighter. Boxing serves as the life-blood for Aryan’s existence.

His life is full of scuffles, in the ring as well outside it. Aryan – the boxing champion of the college strengthens his boxing skills under his boxing coach, Ranveer Singh (Puneet Issar). Ranveer gives him tough training and also desires for Aryan to win nationals.

His fist is full of fire, while his heart is full of love. His ladylove, Neha (Sneha Ullal) plays an important role in Aryan’s life. For Aryan, Neha is more than just his better half. Every other moment he wants Neha to be around him. She is the only driving force for his life. Her presence make lots of difference in his life, she acts like support system for his existence. Life takes a turn and Aryan opts to give up his dreams and marry his love instead. Aryan starts living common life with his wife and a kid.

Life moves on and Aryan takes up a job of a sports commentator, but life is never the same for him. He hits a low professionally as well in his married life.

View Aryan Movie StillsAryan’s life signifies the good old saying, ‘you learn little from victory, but everything from defeat. Whatever he aspires to achieve or whatever he achieved by putting his hard efforts, he looses it. Be it his passion, his love, his family or his career, due to destiny it’s slowly slipping away from his fist.

One fine day, his coach Ranveer offers him to get back to his passion BOXING. Getting back to the ring enables him to recollect his courage and face his life ahead. He decides to follow his dream once again. But this time his support system Neha has parted her ways; he is left alone to fight for his survival.

View Aryan Movie StillsARYAN, also features Ash’s look-a-like Sneha Ullal who made her debut with Sohail Khan’s LUCKY- No Time For Love, opposite Salman Khan. This time she’ll feature with Sohail Khan portraying his love interest NEHA. Her entire life revolves around Aryan. Her world begins and ends with her love for Aryan. Her enchanting beauty is not only capable of putting smile on Aryan’s face but also to fill joy and happiness in her family life. With her smooth stride, Neha beautifully manages her two different roles role towards her family as well as her career. Behind the innocent beauty, there lies strong lady who gets tougher when the life gets tough for her. Things take different turn when she is forced to take a decision that changes the life course for both ARYAN and NEHA.

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