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Its Bobby Deol's turn to woo the gorgeous women in his forthcoming film "Bardaasht". First it was Priyanka Chopra in 'Kismat' and now it is Lara Dutta in 'Bardaasht'. The unique feature of the film is that Vikram Bhatt has penned the story and screenplay. This film will be different from the Vikram Bhatt league of movies. Director E.Niwas directs a story revolving around an ex-army officer. After films like Dum, Shool and Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, Bardaasht seems to center on emotions like love, anger and betrayal. Bobby Deol plays the character of Aditya Shrivastav who is in love with Payal (played by Lara Dutta). Lara Dutta is an officer's daughter, and the officer happens to be Aditya's senior. But Aditya and his senior differ on opinions and this leads to a clash. The differences in opinion lead to Aditya's removal from his job. Thus the love between him and Payal comes to a standstill as one thing leads to another.

Aditya starts life from the scratch. Opening a travel agency, he plays big brother to his sibling Anuj (played by Ritesh Deshmuk). Anuj is a typical college going guy who loves to be the prankster. As an adolescent, he does not know when to draw the line. As a result, the college principal warns Anuj and even tells elder brother Aditya to keep his younger brother under control. But this does not result in a change of attitude or behaviour. Anuj walks out of the house. But as the day lapses, Anuj does not return. And Aditya's worst fears come true. Anuj has gone missing. A search result proves that he was killed in an encounter on the account of possessing drugs. But Aditya is not convinced. Neither does he find the F.I.R convincing. There is a twist in the tale as Aditya finds out that a series of events led to the tragic death of his brother. He vows to avenge the death of his brother and takes the law in his hands. His ex-flame Payal, now a lawyer, helps him to find justice. We see the love being rekindled between Payal and Aditya.

But the law and the police will do anything to stop Aditya from accomplishing his task. And it is at this point that Aditya cannot bear it anymore. The music, composed by Himesh Reshammiya is already catching up with youngsters and 'Janaabeali' will soon do the rounds of all discos in Mumbai. Sameer has composed the lyrics. The film also sees Rahul Dev and Tara Sharma playing important roles. In an excerpt from an interview Bobby Deol confesses" ..... I'm not worried about the absence. I've never played media games just to be in the news. But yes, I want appreciation for my work. And when that's delayed, you do get upset. But this year I'll have lots of releases...." Lets hope we see Bobby in more films that will hit it off at the box office.

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