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Dharmesh Darshan from his very first film LOOTERE, showed his penchant for tackling powerful emotional subjects as well as his unerring ear for music. His next film, the super hit RAJA HINDUSTANI, proved his mastery over both the mediums - direction and music. Followed by MELA, HAAN MAINE BHI PYAAR KIYA and the stupendous DHADKAN, Dharmesh was on a roll. With BEWAFAA, he returns to his favourite hunting ground of emotion and drama. With three protagonists who are strong in character but vulnerable in their weakness, Dharmesh is in his elements as he does what he does best - explore the complexities of wayward hearts.

The characters

Send Bewafaa EcardsAnil Kapoor is Aditya Sahai, a businessman as obsessed with his work as with his past. He is a total workaholic with no time fro his beautiful young wife or two adorable daughters. Anil Kapoor has played the lovable rouge in many films; here he portrays the serious and reserved Aditya Sahai. This is a man who speaks little, but feels deeply; and definitely does not wear his emotions on his sleeve. A challenging role for the Lakhan of yore!

Send Bewafaa EcardsAkshay Kumar is Raja, a man as much in love with his music as he is with Anjali. He has loads of talent and confidence and knows he is going to make it big one day. And when that happens, all he wants is Anjali by his side. Akshay Kumar has a totally new funky look in this film in keeping with his character. Whether he is playing the drums or singing to Anjali, he does it with passion and conviction. Flamboyant and fun loving, this is a man who believes in himself and his music; and the Khiladi goes at it with gusto.

Send Bewafaa EcardsKareena Kapoor is Anjali, a young girl who tries to make everyone happy at the cost of her own happiness. And when she finally tries to seek her own happiness she is branded a bewafaa! Kareena proves her growth as an actor with this sensitive and emotional portrayal of a woman who's more wronged than wronged against. Whether it's the lively Anjali who only lives for love, or the silently suffering Anjali who only lives for two little girls, Poo comes of age with Bewafaa.

Sushmita Sen is Aarti, who believes totally in the power of love. Her life revolves around those she loves - her husband, parents and younger sister. Sushmita is a powerful actor who infuses life into whatever role she does. Her Aarti is full of life and love, much like Sushmita herself.

Manoj Bajpai is Dil Arora, who lives life King size and makes sure everyone knows it. This consummate actor has played many memorable roles; but Dil is a class apart. Loud, crass and larger than life, he seems fun all the way, till he reveals his menacing side that could well ruin lives.

Shamita Shetty is Pallavi Arora, Dil's wife and soul mate. Loud and brash, She's one up on her husband when it comes to digging up the dirt on someone and tormenting them. This young actor truly comes into her own in this faceted role where she displays immaculate comic timing as well as threatening shades of grey.

Anjali, with her mixed lineage has inherited the best of both worlds. From her Canadian mother, Send Bewafaa Ecardsshe has learnt the ability to surrender completely to the one you love from her Indian father, the importance of integrity and honesty in life. But there is one thing she has hidden from her parents, a secret she reveals only to her sister Aarti. Anjali's secret has a name - Raja. He is a fusion musician high on talent and promise, but low on financial security. But money and status hardly matter to Anjali, as she and Raja are so totally in tune with each other. Aarti promises Anjali and Raja that she will convince the parents... when the time comes. But the time never comes. Destiny plays a cruel trick on the lovers and Anjali finds herself married to a much older man, Aditya. It is not a marriage based on love or compatibility; it is simply a compromise dictated by destiny. Cocooned in wealth, stifled in a loveless marriage, Anjali has just one outlet for all the love within her - Aditya's two little daughters. And then suddenly, into the arid landscape of her life walks in Raja - the only man she has ever loved. Caught between the dictates of society and her hunger for love, Anjali treads a treacherous path... a path that will decide her destiny - a loveless marriage or forbidden love...

Torn between two men, Anjali will go anywhere her heart will take her.

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