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Bhoot UnkleHorror films are designed to frighten, panic and invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying way while amazingly captivating and entertaining us at the same time though horror films designed for kids are very light and frivolous in nature. After famous children's movies like MAKDEE and HANUMAN there's yet another children's film coming up this summer titled BHOOT UNKLE, a Sumiet Sehgul presentation in association with Ikon pictures and Wam Motion pictures is produced by Aneesh Arjun Dev and Krishnan Choudhary.

For 12 year old orphan Shyam, life had been nothing but a series of tragedies and hardships, until he unexpectedly stumbled upon a haunted place which was abandoned by the inhabitants of the town he lived in.

The mystery which he accidentally solved gave way to his access to a magical power that changed his entire life and also that of his other little friends.

After getting into the frightening and mysterious secrets of the past, Shyam was burdened with the almost impossible responsibility of saving the whole town from the danger looming over it by the clutches of aggressively spreading evil plans of the villain.

Bhoot UnkleThen started the fight of good and the bad... in the world of magic, adventure and fun... in the world of 'Bhoot Unkle'.

This spooky film has lots of MASTI and THRILL and shall be liked by kids and parents alike.

Jackie Shroff plays the mysterious ghost the little kids have to deal with. His character and performance in this film would definitely make him even more popular amongst the youth.

The pioneer of pop music in India, Baba Saigal makes his debut as a music director with this entertaining film.

One of the most happening children's films this summer... Strongly recommended!

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