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ChingaariKalpana Lajmi is one of the finest filmmakers in the industry today. With credits like RUDALI and DARMIYAAN to her name, it goes without saying that she is an accomplished craftsman. She has a knack for unusual topics and she effortlessly presents them in her distinct style.

With CHINGAARI, she has attempted the subject of sex workers. Sushmita plays the title role and it is for the first time that the Bengali beauty has essayed a role of this magnitude. The film also stars Mithun Chakraborty in role that has grey shades. Incidentally, Mithun had made a comeback in Hindi movies with Vikram Bhatt's ELAAN that also had him playing a negative character. This would be another role featuring him in grey shades. The film also stars Anuj Sawhney (of NAINA fame).

ChingaariThe film is set in a village at the border of U.P and Bihar. It is called Rangpur. It has a red light zone called Laal Basti where Basanti, a village sex worker, practices her profession as part of a community of sex workers headed by a matriarch Padmavati (Ila Arun) who treats all the girls in the brothel as her daughters. Basanti falls in love with a young newly appointed postman named Chandan Mishra (Anuj Sawhney), which raises the ire and envy of Bhuvan Panda (Mithun), the powerful village priest.

The film is written, co-produced and directed by Kallpana G. Lajmi and produced by Vikas Sahni. The promos of the film are generating some excitement. Given Lajjmi's distinguished reputation one hopes the excitement is worth a wait!

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