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The film's story is set in the ancient holy city of Banares. It follows the life of Pandit Chaturvedi, a Hindu Brahmin Priest. Fastidiously following the prayers and rituals prescribed by the ancient Hindu scriptures has been the uninterrupted pattern of his life from dawn to dusk each day.

An abandoned infant comes into Pandit Chaturvediís life and home. He adopts the child and names him Kartikey.

Bringing up Kartikey as a good Brahmin fills the Panditís life with joy and laughter, till the day Pandit Chaturvedi is forced by religion to turn Kartikey away. The memories of the four years of Kartikeyís childhood challenge the very core of Pandit Chaturvediís belief in the 4000 years old way of life.

What is the true path to salvation? Is it meaningless rituals or is it love?

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