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Download Dhoom WallpapersBetween the innocent populace and those who intend to harm it, is a thin line of defense. It is a line that few care to tread, and even fewer dare to embrace. Everyday, ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police) Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) walks this line. He is a no-nonsense police officer and his work is a daily personal battle against those who try to prey on the defenseless. And now he is faced with his biggest challenge - Super thieves on super bikes. Four men on machines so fast that they cannot be chased by anything that the police can muster. Four men that openly challenge Jai's ability to protect and serve. The stakes are raised when those they hunt challenge him openly. It is now not simply a matter of duty, but a matter of pride to face and defeat the bike gang. So begins the cat and mouse chase throughout the streets of Bombay and Goa, as Jai comes closer and closer to the gang that seems to disappear as soon as you approach them...

Download Dhoom WallpapersThis year seems to be a negative year for the good guys & gals going bad. Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz, Karisma Kapoor in Mere Jeevan Saathi, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor in Fida, Dino Morea in Rakht, they have all gone gray. And the latest to join the league is John Abraham. Of course John like everyone else claims that he does not play an out-an-out negative character in Dhoom. Being a Yash Raj Film, there can't be an all-black negative character but has the usual gray shades.

There are no "greys" to alleviate the darkness of Kabir's character, and no noble purpose behind his evil. Kabir (John Abraham) is after money, pure and simple, and he will not let anything stand in his way. As the leader of a gang of super thieves on super bikes, Kabir bases his modus operandi on a "blitzkrieg" - a lightning strike so quick that it leaves everyone in its wake. Kabir and his gang soon become infamous for their daring strikes, and the inability of the authorities to apprehend them. Kabir is not a man of words - he is a man of action. And when ACP Jai Dixit comes into the fray, the stakes are suddenly raised. But rather than fold, Kabir ups the ante and challenges Jai to face him. His pride in his skill, and confidence in his abilities leads to many a showdown between the two, but Kabir always seems to come up trumps.

Could it be that no one, not even Jai, can catch him?

Ali (Uday Chopra) doesn't take his life too seriously. He has two loves. The first is riding his bike. His second love is... every single woman he ever meets! Ali is a happy-go-lucky bike garage owner who sometimes deals in stolen bikes and dreams of becoming a "familywala" - meeting a beautiful girl, having kids. But he is continually rejected by every girl he meets. But, being an eternal optimist, Ali's dream of finding his girl lives on. Ali is a fast rider and can beat anyone in a bike race. This is what makes Jai recruit Ali to help him catch Kabir and his gang. But Ali is distrustful of all policemen, and has difficulty in trusting and helping Jai. Only through a certain amount of browbeating, and even some blackmail, is he convinced to help the police. Here the story begins to unfold for Ali and he begins to grasp the gravity of Jai's mission, and we soon realize that Jai's hunt for the gang, mirrors his own search for his ideals.

Download Dhoom WallpapersSheena (Esha Deol) is an enigma. Alluring, beautiful and mysterious, with no one quite sure who she is. At times, she is the damsel in distress, other times she turns into a confident, head strong, independent woman who will not tolerate anything frivolous. Trying to gauge her emotions is like chasing a rainbow... futile. But underneath the stone wall that Sheena has created all around her, beats a woman's heart...

Sweety (Rimi Sen) truly lives up to her name. A softhearted Bengali girl, she is smiles and gentleness. Except when she's upset - but the chaste Bengali she utters at that time softens each blow. Her love for animals has led her to become a veterinarian by profession. Sweety is happily married to Jai Dixit. Although Sweety knows that her husband Jai is a cop, she is totally unaware of his ability to clobber the bad guys when need be. At home the super cop Jai Dixit becomes totally docile in front of his petite wife. Sweety lives in blissful ignorance of the dangerous life that her husband leads.

Download Dhoom WallpapersDhoom starts with a bang, and continues with a lot more right until the end. The tale begins in Bombay where a sophisticated gang of robbers is sweeping through the city, giving nightmares to the police department. Their modus operandi is modeled on a twister. They come like wind, sweep the place and disappear even before the word 'chor chor' escapes the location. The high point of these robberies is always the getaway of the robbers on their hi-tech bikes - the slickest, meanest and the fastest riding machines on the road.

Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan), an elite, honest police officer is brought in on the case. Soon he is on the trail of the robbers - a gang headed by Kabir (John Abraham) - an evil perfectionist with an attitude. Kabir and his gang transform into inconspicuous pizza delivery boys after their unholy missions are accomplished. So brilliant is their metamorphosis that no one suspects them of being the same wicked robbers who don their helmets and commit these daring robberies in blissful anonymity. Initially daunted by the speed and mannerisms of the gang, Jai ropes in the services of Ali (Uday Chopra), a happy-go-lucky garage mechanic and a prodigious bike rider.

Ali is very different to Jai - where Jai is serious, Ali is flippant, casual. The two don't get along and Jai hates him at first but soon realizes that the clown can ride bikes like the wind and decides to team up with him to try and bring the robbers to justice. Ali, the reluctant recruit and Jai stakeout the thieves and set up an ambush. But, Kabir soon catches up on Jai-Ali's teaming up and his arrogance pushes him to take up the challenge openly. And so starts the hunt, where sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. Jai and Ali find their various attempts thwarted, as the gang keeps slipping from their grasp. Could it be that no one can catch them? Dhoom reinvents the classic cops and robbers tale and brings it into the 21st century. With fast bikes, big action, non-stop fun and a thrilling story that leaves you out of breath, Dhoom is a powerhouse of adventure and excitement waiting to explode. Come… let Dhoom take you to the ride of your life!

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