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Download Dosti WallpapersDOSTI- FRIENDS FOREVER, a heartfelt story of eternal friendship sketched by Suneel Darshan. Similar to his previous movies, this movie also deals with emotional sentiments of human being. In this movie, Suneel narrates the story of two friends articulating the immortality of the friendship.

As the name suggests, the story revolves around the life of two friends Raj and Karan, enacted by Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol respectively.

Its always said that ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ whereas in Download Dosti WallpapersDOSTI, Raj and Karan both are as different as they can be, yet they found a common road that leads to glorious Friendship. If Karan supported Raj at every step, Raj covered up for all of Karan's misdoings. They laughed together, lied together, loved together and fought the odds together all to protect their friendship. Existence of both, to each other was driving force for both of them to live their life happily.
Karan, a wealthy person who owns jet to fly wherever he wants, who believes in flirting with girls and enjoy his life to its fullest.

Download Dosti WallpapersKaran - big time Casanova, girls drooling around him was proverbially known as one-woman man. Karan had family but always craved for true love Unlike Karan - a mansion habitat, Raj who has only two feet on which he can depend upon while Karan's jet ensured that he could fly wherever he wanted. Raj had love to share, but craved a family.

Their canopy faith on their friendship made the cruel world to be an obstacle in their friendship. It was the so-called society that always believed that how long could an unequal relationship sustain? Karan and Raj defied conventional notion proving that true friendship was above all such worldly conceptions.
Download Dosti Wallpapers

On one fateful, out of the blue day their friendship was on stake due to some confusion, misunderstanding or ego conspired by people who envied their friendship. The story has been enweaved in such a manner that it will create curiosity among viewers to know more and more about survival of Raj-Karan’s friendship.

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