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View Dreams Movie Stills"Dreams" is an interesting journey from being nobody to somebody. A journey into the limelight where you realize that there is no one who is truly yours - that's a price u pay for being called a star'.


Aashish - Plays Shekhar, the successful film director who has everything in life except true love.
Neha - Plays Pooja, the small town simple girl, lonely and has no one that she can call her own, except her Dreams
Arzoo - Plays Simran, the successful glamourous filmstar, who loves Shekhar unconditionally
Manoj - Plays Sameer, the successful filmstar who falls in love with Pooja for her simplicity

A touching portrayal of human emotions... The film is about, shekhar, a successful film director and Pooja, a simple small town girl. He is suave and rich she is simple and sweet. Pooja comes to this big city - Mumbai - with nothing but a bag of dreams. Shekhar realizes them for her.

Dreams, is a film based on love - the essence of love - the essence of life. A story with, which each person, will identify - each person, who is in love and is loved. A story that deals with all the shades of love - anger, passion, possessiveness and jealousy. Yes, Love - that is the birth of life - the pinnacle - beginning - the end, for mankind. DREAMS, talks about a well-established director, his involvement with a girl - Pooja, from a broken house, lifting her up from the darkness of life to the crescendo of success. The story takes off from here to how their relationship develops, weakens and then is rebuilt again with the power of love takes all opposition, inner and outer in it's stride. A journey through which they learn and discover life, love, suffering and togetherness. Is their love true enough to overcome the barriers of success, to put aside DREAMS and choose love?

View Dreams Movie StillsProduer-Director Aashish says, "DREAMS.... Fantasies, Illusions... I believe are as important as living itself. There is a great positivity in the title, leave alone the film. You need to have a Dream, a hope, a desire, a reason to live for a tomorrow... Dreams is a 'feel-good' film about a girl, Pooja, who comes to Bombay - a big city, from a small town, just like so many others, with nothing but a bag of Dreams' and a determination, an optimism... to make it in life...

I believe, when you find a Dream inside your heart, follow it, and don't ever let it go. Because Dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow..."

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