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Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai editorial Send to Friend

HUMKO TUMSE PYAAR HAI was the brainchild of the late Bunty Soorma. But due to his sudden demise the film was unfinished but then director Vikram Bhatt stepped in to complete the film. The film has been produced by the Moorani brothers and stars Bobby Deol, Amisha Patel and Arjun Rampal.

The story begins in a little village of Rajasthan, where a blind girl called Durga (Amisha Patel) lives with her mother (Suhasini Mulay). Inspite of Durga being blind she has a special gift, she makes beautiful clay statues, a skill she learnt from late father. Durga meets the handsome Rohit (Arjun Rampal), who works for a fertilizer company. He is impressed by Durga's art and beauty and they both fall in love with each other. One day, a village goon named Rana (Parmeet Sethi) takes advantage of Durga's handicap and attempts to rape her. Luckily Rohit comes to her rescue, which leaves a furious Rana making all sorts of threats against Rohit. Later, Rohit takes Durga to an eye hospital, where Dr. R.K. Prasad (Kawaljeet) performs a surgery on her eyes. The operation proves to be successful, but before the bandage is taken off from Durga's eyes, Rohit goes to arrange for their wedding. On the way, Rana and his friends try to kill Rohit, and in this incident, both Rana and Rohit die.

When Durga learns about Rohit's death, she tries to commit suicide, but is saved by Dr. Prasad. Durga relates her story to Dr. Prasad who now considers her to be his daughter. He goes to Switzerland for work and takes her along for a change. In Switzerland, Durga meets Raj (Bobby Deol), who is a rich man and at their first meeting, Raj falls in love with Durga. Raj tries to get close to Durga but Durga gets annoyed with his behaviour. Then one day, Raj takes Durga to his house and shows her his dear friend, Rohit's photographs. He tells her that even he is suffering the loss of his best friend. Dr. Prasad convinces Durga that Raj is a very good boy and that he wanted to get married to her. Durga agrees to get married to Raj and so the family prepares for the wedding. Raj and Durga get engaged. Raj now comes to know that his childhood friend, Rohit is still alive. Raj brings Rohit home and introduces him to Durga, Rohit is stunned to see Durga there, but Durga does not recognize him, as she has never seen him.

The music for the film has been scored by Anand Raaj Anand who is back after quite some time. This romantic film will hit the marquee soon.

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