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View  Kaisay Kahein Movie StillsKAISE KAHE… is a modern day love story that pits romance against career. What happens when love breaks the lives of two career minded people? Aditya (Rajveer) is a young banker with a bright future with no personal life. Till Radhika (Neha Jhulka) comes into his life. She is a hardcore TV journalist and loves her work. She conducts a sting operation in which she meets Aditya.

They fall in love, but that which is negotiated around their work. Their careers remain a priority. To keep their love alive, they decide to keep their personal lives separate from work. But it's easier said than done, as love can't keep up with the erratic demands of their careers. Aditya can't leave his career and Radhika decides to take a much-awaited promotion that would take her away to another city.

Can love survive long distance? Can Aditya and Radhika find themselves again in the same passion as before?

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