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View Krrish Movie StillsHrithik Roshan's mesmerizing performance as the mentally challenged man in KOI... MIL GAYA still continues to preoccupy the movie-lovers. Rakesh Roshan's sci-fi fantasy was a smash hit and also an indication that Bollywood can ring up to the possibility of making competent science-fiction movies. It is not an exclusive Hollywood domain and if one is equipped with a sound script, then science fiction can be lapped up by Hindi film buffs as well.

The movie was a runaway hit with the little kids and with the grown-ups as well. And hence, Rakesh Roshan and his team decided to spawn a sequel to the film titled KRRISH. The theatrical trailer for the film is already out and is exhilarating, promising a good dose of action. The mellow Rohit of KOI...MIL GAYA has been replaced by a stronger and courageous super hero who is ready to save the world from the evil-clutches of a wicked genius.

Download Krrish WallpapersThe movie stars Hrithik Roshan, the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra (as his lady-love), the exemplary Rekha and the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah in the principal roles. The film co-stars Puneet Issar, Sharat Saxena, Manini Dey, Kiran Juneja and Archana Puran Singh. However Preity Zinta (who played Hrithik's love interest in KOI MIL GAYA) would be a noticeable asset as far as casting goes.

Rohit and Nisha are married and they have a kid but unfortunately they both die in a car accident. The kid starts growing up in his grandmother's care. As he is growing up, he discovers that he has superpowers in which the alien, 'Jadoo' in KOI... MIL GAYA transferred his powers into Rohit, which apparently goes to his son. The movie basically shows how he deals with his power and saves the world from a villain played by Naseeruddin Shah.

View Krrish Movie StillsKRRISH (Hrithik Roshan) is a man with extraordinary strength, speed and intelligence. He loves the calmness and beauty of natural mountains and surroundings where he is living. He comes across Priya, (Priyanka Chopra), a beautiful girl from Singapore, who has come there for camping and trekking and falls in love with her. He is left heart broken when she finally has to leave for Singapore. When Sonia, KRRISH's grandmother (Rekha) realizes his plight, she encourages him to go to Singapore and woo Priya again.

KRRISH reaches Singapore, finds it a completely new and fascinating world and quickly adapts to it. He makes new Chinese friends and attempts to woo Priya again. On one such occasion, there is a short circuit and the tent of the circus catches fire. The circus performers get stranded and start screaming for help and KRRISH realizes that he can come to their rescue. He spots a slightly broken burnt mask, lying on a nearby ground. He dons it for hiding his identity and saves people in a spectacular manner. This heroic deed makes the 'Masked Man' a hero and a nationwide search for him is launched in Singapore.

Download Krrish WallpapersQuite obviously, the characteristic plus point of the movie would be the awe-inspiring special effects that were also a positive feature of KOI... MIL GAYA. Digital intermediate, the same SFX Company that did the special effects for KOI...MIL GAYA has again functioned the responsibility for KRRISH. Hrithik Roshan has undergone a rigorous martial arts training under the tutelage of Siu-Tung Ching from Hong Kong who has also choreographed the stunts for the movie. Hrithik survived a near fatal accident while doing the action scenes for this movie in Singapore.

View Krrish Movie StillsThe film's music has been composed by Rajesh Roshan and the lyrics are done by Ibraheem Ashk, Nasir Faraaz and Vijay Akela. Needless to say, with such an astounding ensemble cast and crew, KRRISH will be one the most anticipated film of 2006. The fact that he is sharing screen space with Priyanka Chopra for the first time is an added attraction.

Now, let's see whether KRRISH can duplicate the success of its predecessor and create a milestone at the box-office, by breaking the jinx that sequels don't score a hit in Bollywood!

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