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Year 2004 has seen the debut of several directors. Some who have made an impact, and some who have failed to do so. Having seen him as a child artiste in Mr. India, choreographer turned director, Ahmed Khan is yet to make an impact on audiences with his debut film Lakeer, a sequel to the Sunny Deol starrer film 'Arjun'. The story takes us into the world of Arjun (played by Sunny Deol), who is the king of the underworld. Holding supreme power, his exterior is nothing to go by. Underneath the exterior of a tough man, is the other side of Arjun. His main concern being younger brother Karan (played by Sohail Khan). He seems to be pampered by elder brother Arjun. Arjun also is very thankful to Karan's father, who sheltered Arjun during his bad times. But the constant fear of Arjun’s true identity being revealed to younger brother Karan keeps him on the edge. But Arjun has an admirer in the form of Sanju (played by Suniel Shetty), a motor mechanic. Sanju dreams of becoming all-powerful like Arjun. Both Suniel and Sunny, who usually feature in action films, show us their raw interior in this film. Like Arjun, Sanju too dotes on younger brother Saahil (plasyed by John Abraham). In an excerpt from an interview John Abraham confesses (laughingly)"Lakeer is really something special... ". For the first time, people will see John Abraham letting his hair down and dancing..."

Like all love stories of recent times, Lakeer too is a love triangle between Karan, Bindiya (played by Nauheed Cyrusi) and Saahil. Both men vie for Bindiya's attention. Arjun is Bindiya's foster parent in the film. Going by the promos of the film on TV. it is Likely that Bindiya loves Saahil. But love stories are not always predicatble! Or are they? One can't say anything until the film is released. What makes this film more interesting; apart from its star cast is the music, composed by ace music director, A.R. Rehman. With a film like Arjun, we can only wonder what kind of music will be given to this film. Vivek kumar, under the Banner of Vicky films Pvt. Ltd has produced the film. With successful films like Zor and Angrakshak, we can only wait and watch if this one will be just as successful. The very title suggests a crossing of line, of limits. In an excerpt from an interview, Sunny Deol claims "...This film has everything - music, romance, action, drama and everything in totality. So it's not that the film has only 'maar-dhad' (action)." We can only wait for the film to release and then comment.

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