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View  Marigold Movie StillsMARIGOLD is a musical romantic comedy about a young American woman who travels to India and finds that her life is transformed in the most unexpected ways by her experiences and adventures there.

American actress Marigold Lexton (Ali Larter) arrives in India with no luggage and a bad attitude.

Stranded in Goa when financing for her low-budget Hollywood movie falls apart, Marigold finds herself cast in a small role in a Bollywood musical. Eager to prove herself, she enlists the aid of Prem (Salman Khan), the film's choreographer. After several false starts - Marigold is most definitely not a natural dancer - she experiences renewed confidence and a growing love for Prem.

In rapid succession, Marigold discovers that Prem is not only descended from royalty but is also pacted in a rapidly-approaching arranged marriage to a beautiful Indian girl, Janvi (Nandana Sen). Unable to deal with this development, Marigold angrily departs Prem's family estate. But she is urged back by Janvi who confesses that Prem doesn't love her and never will. Another complication - in the form of Marigold's boyfriend, Barry (Ian Bohen), who arrives in India unexpectedly - finds Marigold emotionally drained but still very much in love with Prem.

Love does ultimately triumph as Marigold and Prem are brought together and Janvi and Barry embark upon a romantic journey of their own.


Character Synopsis:

Prem - Salman Khan
Talented and hard working, he's left his privileged life behind to follow his dreams. Then he meets Marigold who drags him back to the family he's left, little knowing what cataclysmic consequences this will have for both of them.

Marigold - Ali Larter
Beautiful and bad tempered, she suffers no fools and nobody can suffer her attitude. But then she meets Prem, who's different from anybody she's met before and loses her heart and her foul temper.

Raj - Vikas Bhalla
Handsome hero, conceited man, he genuinely believes every woman he meets is his for the asking. But Marigold brings him back to earth with a tight slap.

Shazia - Simone Singh
She's the undisputed diva, yet so insecure that she does her best to get Marigold's role chopped and changed to nothing.

Rani - Suchitra Pillai
She's got her head firmly on her shoulders and is one of the first persons in India to befriend the foul tempered Marigold.

Mahendra - Vijendra Ghatge
His stern, unyielding exterior hides his love for his only son. He wants nothing but the best for him and truly believes that only he knows what's best for him.

Nandini - Kiran Juneja Sippy
She, more than anyone else understands Prem's love for Marigold. She, more than anyone else will do her best to make him marry someone else.

Janvi - Nandana Sen
This pretty girl has spent years away from India, studying in the U.S. But her heart still beats for everything that's Indian, including Prem.

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