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Three exotic cities form the heart of M.F. Hussain's forthcoming venture "Meenaxi". The artist depicts the story of his characters through the exotic locales of Jaisalmer, Hyderabad and Prague. Award winning actress Tabu is the female protagonist of the film.

She is Meenaxi who transcends into different characters, that of the orphaned Maria in Prague, and the mysterious perfume trader hovering around the city of Hyderabad. Nawab (played by Raghuvir Yadav) is enamoured by Meenaxi when he sees her at a traditional qawali ceremony. A popular novelists himself, the dearth of creativity has hit him hard. Substances from stories have vanished. It is after a gap of five years that a mysterious woman Meenaxi inspires him, and she becomes the central character to his novel. But a critical Meenaxi mocks the effort of a despairing Nawab.

He tries even harder, to start afresh, but Meenaxi only ridicules his performance, which according to her is poor. Nawab’s creation of Kaameshwar, a doomed hero, who tastes the bitterness of unrequited love, passes the critical eye of Meenaxi. She accuses him of trying in vain, of indulging himself in such banalities, but Nawab must not listen if he has to survive. With or without Meenaxi. Will he succeed in his quest for the perfect woman? We can see similarities between Nawab and the director, of the film,M.F. Hussain. In an excerpt from an interview Hussain claimed "What has been called my obsession with Indian womankind is actually the search for the mother I lost even before I could imprint her face on my memory...".

The story sojourns into a world where art must survive against all ends, where there is a distinct line between the real and the imagined and how they juxtapose each other. Also featuring newcomer Kunnal Kapoor, the movie combines the artistic talent of M.F Hussain and the musical creativity of A.R. Rehman. Rahat Indori has penned lyrics. However, M.F Hussain himself has penned the qawali in the song, and the song "Chinmamma Chilakkamma" has been written by Sukhwindra Singh. Reena Bhardwaj make her debut as a singer in the film with the song "Yeh Rishta". Asha Bhosle, Remo Fernanadez, Sonu Sigam, Murtuza Khan, Kadir Khan, Sukhwindra Singh and many others have given voice to the melodious yet upbeat music of A.R. Rehman. Directed by M.F. Hussain, the film has been produced by Reima Faiza Hussain.

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