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   Movie Preview : Saawariya


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SAAWARIYA means 'beloved'. But he’s not just any beloved. He’s the dusky, blue tinged (savla) God Krishna who is adored as SAAWARIYA. On a more sublime note, SAAWARIYA is the beloved who is always in love. But not every lover can qualify as SAAWARIYA. Only the lover who stands the test of time… who overcomes all obstacles… who doesn’t care whether he gets the girl or not… as long as he’s consumed by love… as long as he remains in a perpetual state of 'being in love… '

That man, that rare lover, is SAAWARIYA.

SAAWARIYA is a timeless story of two young star-crossed lovers whose passions almost consume their will to the brink of self-destruction. In this eternal tale of an ode to romance, stand two lonely souls whose childlike innocence and candour only obscures their inner turmoil, anger, anxiety and desperate wait for love.

An artist, a free spirit, an idealist and dreamer, Raj, is certain that he has found his ultimate dream when he arrives at a quaint picturesque town. A place surrounded by mountains, shrouded in mist and enveloped in beauty, mythical enough to be a painter’s vision or a poet’s memory.

Download Saawariyaa Wallpapers

Download Saawariyaa Wallpapers

However, destiny paints a different picture for Raj…
One silent bright and starry night, he spots a mysterious girl draped in black, standing alone at a bridge.

This chance encounter introduces him to Sakina, a shy and quiet, melancholic and enigmatic girl who continues to intrigue him. Thus follows the beginning of a new friendship, where Raj with his most charming ways and an undying spirit tries to win Sakina’s heart. Raj is unable to accept her haunting past and their friendship pulls him into a whirlwind of desire, madness and romance.

Through Raj and Sakina’s journey together, we are reminded of the fragility of the human heart. In the couple’s anguish and test of faith, is revealed the power of unconditional love through a thousand layers of tumultuous emotions.

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