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Main, Rony Aur Jony

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Download Main Rony Aur Jony WallpapersComedies perhaps are the safest bet as far as the movie-making business is concerned. Audience love to watch comedies and get their funny bones tickled thereby happy of having received a 'paisa vasool' entertainment. Till sometime back the David Dhawan-Govinda duo guaranteed sure-shot box-office sweep with their whacky flicks. Today it is Priyadarshan-Paresh Rawal pair that is ruling the roost. The year 2006 has started on a positive note for comedies with MALAMAAL WEEKLY and MIXED DOUBLES have been received well by the movie-buffs.

MAIN, RONY AUR JONY is another entry into the funny zone, which could be categorized as a comedy of errors. The film is produced by Tez Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Nandita Singha has directed the film. The film has been written by Nandita Singha and Imtiaz Patel.

MAIN RONY AUR JONY is a character-driven comedy flick, with interesting conflicts and love interests. It shows us the mirror, to reveal the 'Mask' that we may put at times to be identified as someone we don't believe in, but end-up landing in deep double-trouble.

Download Main Rony Aur Jony Wallpapers3 people - Main, Rony and Jony. Rony a con art dealer with no penny in his pocket earns his living by cheating the families of dead people; with a painting, which he claims, was ordered by the dead-man. Conflict occurs when Tej Singh; son of a don catches Rony red-handed when he lands up to his house with a painting claimed to be ordered by his dead father.

Tej Singh's life revolves around his ex-fiancee, Priya Mallik. For whom he can fight with the entire world. The situation worsens when Tej Singh finds out that the flirt con artist Rony is having an affair with his ex-fiancee Priya. He feels that Rony is taking advantage of emotionally weak Priya and remembers that she had once challenged him that she would get married to anyone in 15 days to get rid of him and now she wants to marry Rony!!! Trouble begins...

Download Main Rony Aur Jony WallpapersTej Singh takes charge and matter complicates. Rony finds himself in trouble and decides to take the help of Jony to escape. But, the trouble gets double when Jony lands up falling in love with Payal, Priya's younger sister. Rony and Jony ends up landing together on a roller-coaster of errors.

The film stars Priyanshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha, Aditya Bal, Sayali Bhagat, Tanaaz Lal, Sharat Saxena, Rakesh Bedi, Ashish Vidhyarthi, Sanjay Sharma, Asrani and Aman Gupta. The music for the film has been scored by Jaideep Chowdhury while lyrics penned by Rahat Indori, Pravin Bharadwaj and Rahul B Seth.

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