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View My Wife's Murder Movie StillsThey say marriages are made in heaven. They also say "Till death do us part."  And while the first may be anyone's guess, what happens when the second comes horribly true? Ravi Patwardhan could probably tell you. Accused of a murder - Ravi is caught between a rock and a hard place. A sadistic cop is hell bent on hunting him down. His two innocent children are with him, being hunted. A well-meaning friend has got involved too. What's a man going to do?

MY WIFE'S MURDER explores the mind of the married man - on the run

Ravi Patwardhan, under the constant nagging of his wife, was a silently ticking time bomb. One day the bomb went off and the wife ended up dead. That is just the beginning. If one can relate crime writer James M. Cain whose all the stories begin with a murder and then tells how the murderers' psychology changes and catches up with them. But MY WIFE'S MURDER seems a step ahead of James M. Cain. All Cain murders are pre-meditated. In MY WIFE'S MURDER, murder is an accident." MY WIFE'S MURDER is not a murder mystery that plays a hide and seeks with the audience. It deals more with the mind of murderer after he has opened that Pandora's box that he cannot close shut now.

View My Wife's Murder Movie StillsMY WIFE' MURDER is the first film the versatile actor Anil Kapoor and the innovative producer / director Ram Gopal Varma are doing together.

Casting was a tough process because the director Jijy Philip was adamant about breaking all the rules. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy who had taken a sabbatical after KABHI HAAN KABHI NA was the first to be added to the list after Anil Kapoor. Even the rest of the cast included Boman Irani (of Munnabhaibhai MBBS fame) and Nandana Sen (of Black fame) who are very selective about the roles they do.

View My Wife's Murder Movie Stills

Anil Kapoor’s preparation for the character was awe-inspiring. During the shooting he would come on a bicycle everyday to location with his Mercedes following him and have his bath in one dirty bathroom on the location and not in his vanity van. It seems it helped him to get into the skin of middle class Ravi Patwardhan. In fact Anil Kapoor had given up smoking but since the character of Ravi Patwardhan smoked in tension he took up the vice again for the film.

MY WIFE' MURDER is slated to be released in August / September, and until then one will have to wait and keep guessing for a film which is the only one of its kind as there is no precedent for the film whether in India or Hollywood.

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