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Qayamat is the story of love and sacrifice, a story of the brave who stand up for the honour of their cause. Who stand up to save a city under threat.

Ali (Arbaaz Khan), a very intelligent person with a destructive mind, who can take control of any given situation and Abbas (Sanjay Kapoor), a very sharp and short tempered eccentric who has fascination for power along with soft and beautiful but eccentric and brutal at heart, obsessed in love, Laila (Ishaa Koppikar), are the biggest arms dealers in Asia. While America is policing most of the Europe, Asia and specifically India, is being seen as a heavenly route by these people who deal in arms through the disintegrated Russia. Akram Sheikh (Suniel Shetty), a CBI officer, loves his country, a tough guy but a poet at heart, cannot see India being maligned on the world scene in the future. He cracks down on the weapons traders.

Ali and Abbas are under tremendous pressure. They plan a dangerous game - a game, which will get them millions of dollars and an escape route from India. Rahul (Aaashish Chowdhry) is a scientist who works in the C D C. Lab. He is very shy and unromantic who does not even know to please his girl friend. But when it comes to work he is totally dedicated. He is in the process of creating an anti-virus, which would help in saving lives in case of a biological or a chemical warfare. Little does Rahul know that this deadly virus can be smuggled out of the lab and land into dangerous hands; it does…

The city is put under threat.

Akram Sheikh puts down a plan of action. He needs the help of one man. A lethal convict - Rachit (Ajay Devgan), very possessive, strong in the mind but very sensitive too. Would never let anyone take him for a ride. Rachit has a dangerous past. He was the biggest daredevil in the high-tech robberies, which took place in Mumbai. He worked with Ali and Abbas in the past. Rachit is gifted with a body which is capable of such gymnastic stunts that he makes robberies look like a work of art. He was put into solitary confinement. Today he has degenerated almost in to a vegetable. Drugged by doctors because memories of his love Sapna (Neha Dhupia) make him violent. Neha was a girl of principles and wanted to lead a straight and smooth life, an idealistic person.

A dangerous journey into the unknown world of dreaded criminals begins. A desperate attempt to save the lives of millions of Mumbaites.

It is an epic saga of honour and courage. A fight so that evil dies, lives survive, and love survives.

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