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Director Arindam Chaudhuri's "Rok Sako To Rok Lo" is a celluloid extravaganza that celebrates youthful imagination as much as it evokes a nostalgic yearning for youth.

Rok Sako To Rok Lo Movie StillsThe five friends, Dev, Ganguly, Bhajji, Venky and the sweet Suhana, are final year students at the modest Bharti School. They bask in one another's friendship and a spirit of innocent adventure.

Living in an illusory world where lofty ambitions for security have little meaning, they are no match against Ranveer, the undisputed champion from the elitist Valley High School, who utterly intimidates the Bharti boys.

Enter Kabir (Sunny Deol). Referred to as Phantom, this mysterious and seemingly unapproachable Harley Davidson biker is a loner, who rides into Suhana's life, and eventually befriends her entire gang.

Drawn by the magic of their innocence and unconditional friendship, Kabir's unconventional wisdom helps the youngsters to face life's challenges.

"Rok Sako To Rok Lo" is a rich canvas of colours and emotions. Its young characters (played by Yash Pandit, Manjari, Aparna Kumar et al) are also true to life.

Jatin Lalit's youthful melodies make this film a truly wholesome experience.

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