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Seeing Sanjay Dutt in different avatars, this one sure comes as a surprise. Sanju baba plays a calm spiritual man in Mani Shankar's film ' Rudraksh'. Coming from the director of '16th December', this film sure seems to be the first sci-fi that India will witness.

Mani Shankar transcends us into a world of mysticism where, we are confronted with things science cannot explain. Varun (played by Sanjay Dutt) is a highly spiritual individual and is naturally very disciplined whereby he has powers to make people forget their pain and take it away from them. Varun is extremely blessed with paranormal powers and thus, Dr. Gayatri (played by Bipasha Basu) who is busy investigating the mysteries of paranormal activities, comes to India from the U.S. with her team of doctors and makes Sanjay Dutt her subject and he willingly agrees.

Mani Shankar blends his action packed film with the myth of Ravana's Rudraksh. This unique Rudraksh carried seed sounds that could transform humans into new specie. However, this Rudraksh was more than just the ordinary ones that religious people wore. In it, was sowed a seed that essentially was a multi-dimensional hologram. The possessor of this Rudraksh could transcend into any world he wished to go. Suddenly some evil lurking behind closed doors beckons Varun to come closer and closer to it. What is this dark force that doesn't leave him and takes him deeper and deeper into the whirlpool? He begins to unravel the mystery of this perplexing Rudraksh. What is this mysterious thing that is attracting Varun towards itself? But suddenly the pieces start falling into place and he travels to the world of the legendary Ravana and his ruined kingdom where he begins to understand a lot of unexplained mysteries.

Also starring in this 22 crore project are Suniel Shetty as Bhuria and Isha Koppikar as Lati, plays his ladylove in the film. Produced by Nitin Manmohan and Sohail Maklai, this film is sure to explain the unnatural things of science that still remain a mystery. All the actors in the film venture into a different stream of film, something that hasn't hit the Indian silver screen before. In an excerpt from an interview Sanjay Dutt says, " This is the kind of role I have been looking forward to play all my life," Imagine playing a character with an extremely calm mind when I'm not like that in reality. In real life my mind is always plagued with varied thoughts. Most of them are negative and troubled." Suniel Shetty talks of the film as being different where it takes ".... audiences through various time zones.... ". He further elaborates that"... we are trying to do something different here". We couldn't agree more.

The famous trio of Dil Chahta Hai fame has done the music of the film, Sameer has penned Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy and the lyrics.

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