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iDreams latest murder mystery, Samay, is about the death of a successful industrialist. More so it is like a test of the skill and patience of ACP. Malvika Chauhan (Sushmita Sen), a celebrated officer and an idol to many a woman in the country.

ACP Malvika Chauhan starts to do what she's best at - solving difficult crimes. This investigation is the biggest challenge she has faced till now in her career, a journey so daring that she did not know it existed.

The murder investigation on the commencement seems strange in a way that there is no clue or motive of any kind that would form the basis of the murder. As she gets deeper and deeper into the case, she realizes the murder to be a work of a genius, a work of a criminal mind that has left everybody stunned with its brilliant execution.

Further investigation leads to some inexplicable clues including the stab wound on the neck of the deceased. The Post mortem rules out any foreign particle in the blood stream - a fact that defies logic.

ACP Malvika Chauhan, with other circumstantial leads and her sharp observation builds the puzzle piece by piece.

But only to provide a solution that she does not believe in. What role does time play in the battle of these great minds? Only Samay will tell.

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