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View Siskiyaan Movie StillsSISKIYAAN  is directed by none other than Ashwini Chaudhary who has worked as an assistant to director Prakash Jha. His previously directed "Ladoo", bagged the Swarna Kamal award in 2000. "Dhoop" was nominated for Best Story, Best Dialogues and Best Supporting Actress awards at the Screen and Zee Cine Awards.

Neha Dhupia, crowned Miss India Universe 2002 made her debut in films with Harrry Baweja's QAYAMAT and carved a niche for herself in her next films JULIE and SHEESHA. Neha is amongst a lucky few to have roles specifically written with her as the main protagonist. She proves her mettle in SISKIYAAN playing Ayesha Sheikh.

SISKIYAAN is an explosively provocative drama, which is relentlessly paced and filled with lethal surprises.

A shocking tale of retribution and revenge, SISKIYAAN is a psychological thriller about Ayesha's (Neha Dhupia) diligent search for justice at any cost. Ayesha has been unable to break free of the painful memories of her morbid past. Through a chance encounter she may have stumbled upon the very man who had probably tormented her. Will her husband Javed (Sachin Khedekar) be able to lend her the support that she expects at such a crucial point? Is she right in assuming that she has finally found her culprit in Dr. Vishwas (Sonu Sood), or is this just a case of wishful thinking? How far is she prepared to go to get even with her self proclaimed tormentor?

View Siskiyaan Movie StillsSISKIYAAN is an inquest into the darker side of humanity- one in which everyone is implicated and justice itself seems like a fragile invention. SISKIYAAN is a terrifying moral thriller, which combines clear thought and fierce compassion.

Through its thought provoking narrative, SISKIYAAN dares to raise the questions that so many Indians manage to ask themselves, only privately. If lying is the order of the day, then how does truth prevail? How far does the traumatic past of a person hold his present at ransom? Can truth be sacrificed at the altar of peace; can innocence and morality prevail in the face of deceit and moral corruption?

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