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Download Zinda WallpapersAfter the thrilling success with KAANTE and MUSAFIR, White feather film’s latest venture is ZINDA. As its name suggests it means ALIVE. The film is all about drama complexed with crime, revenge, and psychological thriller. Once again Sanjay Gupta continues the impact of his inevitable trademark of projecting a western theme in a stylish manner, spiked by none other than Sanjay Dutt. Deadly Dutt- the quintessential action hero, is said to have a strong performance in this psyche thriller. This time Sanjay Gupta has also signed John Abraham to add pinch of more style in his movie.

Sanjay Dutt portrays the character Balajeet Roy; all he ever wanted in his life was a promising future, a beautiful wife and to start a new life in Bangkok, which somehow fascinated him. Finally he achieved whatever he desired in life. Balajeet married to Nisha (Celina Jaitley) and they are well settled in Bangkok. A little after they had come to terms with its culture, pace of life and, of course, the trouble to find decent Indian vegetarian food. Nisha was happy to discover that she is expecting.

Download Zinda WallpapersThey live a happy life in Bangkok until one day something bizarre happens to Bala. Bala awakens finding himself locked up in a room not knowing how he got there. Was he put there, or is this place in his head? In this place he is left with a television set only. Unfortunately, the thrill of sharing the good news with her husband was short-lived, as Nisha would never see him again. Because somebody locked him up for 14 years in a dark and dingy room.

The only means he had a contact with the outside world was television. Through which he also learnt about his wife's death. He was preoccupied by television, obsessing over who's holding him captive or turning his body into a fighting machine of sorts. So that he could revenge with those responsible for his miserable condition.

Fourteen years later, one fine day, he found himself bundled into a suitcase and left out in the open. He gets bit puzzled. He had been set free. Over the next 4 days, as Bala seeks out the truth behind his captivity through the streets and waterways of Bangkok, he slowly realizes that his freedom was part of the sinister design.

Download Zinda Wallpapers

Ignorant about his future, Bala spends a long fourteen years in this ‘dingy place’. There he discovers that what it is to be “alive”. His life changes, the happiness he faced is acceptably gone as he becomes insane. Caged Bala tries to deal with what may or may not have brought him there. Searching the person responsible for this, Bala come across Rohit Chopra (John Abraham) and Joy Fernandes (Mahesh Manjrekar) along with the seductress who may have helped put him there, Jenny (Lara Dutta).

Bala’s life, after being free from the dark room trailed by the suitcase puzzle, intrigues number of questions rising in the minds of audiences. The psyche thrill is sure to make the audiences to be glued to their seats. Unlike previous movies of White Feather Films, this movie is not only action thrill but also has psychological captivity.

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