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Movie Review : Dulha Mil Gaya

 Dulha Mil Gaya
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Mudassar Aziz
 Lalit Pandit and Pritam (guest composer)
 Mudassar Aziz and Kumaar
 Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Shahrukh Khan (Guest Appearance), Mohit Chadda, Tara Sharma, Johny Lever, Bina Kak and Suchitra Pillai

Dulha Mil Gaya Movie Review

January 8, 2010 11:16:26 AM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network
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view DULHA MIL GAYA movie stills

view DULHA MIL GAYA movie stills

Lotus, Jasmine, Jigar, Bozo, Bonsai and Shimmer. These are no names of racehorses. These are names of characters in the film DULHA MIL GAYA. With names like these, you can imagine what the film slotted as romance/comedy will be like. It is sad that we end last year with a bang with 3 IDIOTS and then have to begin with something as idiotic as this. I mean, it is not even a movie. The only time it feels like one is when Shah Rukh Khan makes his guest appearance.

Rest of the time you have to grin and bear it. Imagine at the start of the film you are treated to a dialogue like this. Sushmita Sen (Shimmer) asks Jigar, a DJ who is also a friend, if he wants a lift home. Jigar says, "No fine, I'm thanks." The rest of the dialogues pretty much fit in this mould.

In all her roles so far, Sushmita Sen is Sushmita Sen. You don't see any character on screen. You just see the diva that she is. Mercifully, here she plays a top model. It's her attitude that always comes across, never her acting.

The story goes thus. Shimmer is a much sought after model in the West Indies. She has Lotus her chef and Jasmine her 'girl Friday' always at hand. Not to forget Bozo her pup who is involved in every decision making. Fardeen (Bonsai) is a rich Casanova who will never marry. Shimmer is his best friend. He flies down to Punjab because there is a clause in his father's will which says he should marry Samarpreet (Ishita Sharma) and if he fails to do so or divorces within 10 years the entire property worth billions of dollars will go to some fishing company. So Bonsai flies down to Punjab and marries Samarpreet. Next day he is back in Trinidad, alone. A few months later, Samarpreet is on her way to Trinidad to track her missing husband. She gets thrown out of Bonsai's palatial mansion when there is a party going on, is knocked down by a speeding car, wakes up at Shimmer's home and turns into Samara to woo Bonsai back. Meanwhile SRK is waiting for Shimmer to say yes to him. This is the romance in the story. As for the comedy, it began with the first dialogue!

Ishita made her mark two years ago with LOINS OF PUNJAB and followed it up with DIL DOSTI ETC. This time she gets a bigger canvas to show her talent.
If only the makers had consulted Bozo before making this movie!

Rating - 1/5

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