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Movie Review : U R My Jaan

 U R My Jaan
Director :
Music :
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Starring :
 Aron Govil
 Mikaal Zulfikaar, Priti Soni, Aman Verma, Rajesh Khera

U R My Jaan Movie Review

September 27, 2011 03:38:31 PM IST
By Martin D'Souza, Glamsham Editorial
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download U R MY JAAN MOVIE wallpapers
download U R MY JAAN wallpapers

U R MY JAAN is an amateurish attempt at a complex love story. Somewhere the makers try to get into the PRETTY WOMAN mold without actually having characters that define their motives.

Let's start from the beginning. The camera closes in on the heroine's waist. She's walking purposefully strutting her derriere. Then she turns instantly and the camera closes in on her face. She's newcomer Priti Soni. She's a model living in Chandigarh and the first shot shows her having a hurried conversation with an agent in Mumbai who she has met just a month ago. Guess what? She has bagged a Versace shoot!!! She's ecstatic. That's not all, he has also lined up a photo shoot with much sought after photographer Babloo Malkhani (guess they are referring to Dabboo Ratnani), and a meeting with a producer who is holidaying in Switzerland. Girl can't believe her luck. She packs her bag and tells her parents, who want to get her married that she is off to Delhi.

She reaches Mumbai but is disappointed as the shoot is cancelled. The agent, played by Rajesh Khera, wants the money he has paid the photographer and the producer has not yet returned from Switzerland. Girl is desperate. She can't stay in the city for more than two days because she has promised her parents she would return soon. Agent tries to pimp her around and she agrees to meet his friend who is a business tycoon coming down from the US. He is the hero, another newcomer Mikaal Zulfikaar. Priti has to stay with him for just one night. One day turns into four and before you know it she is in love. No, nothing of 'that sort' happens. She is a good girl, you see. All this happens between scenes which leave you numb with disbelief.

view U R MY JAAN movie stills
view U R MY JAAN movie stills
All the time, it's just the two lead actors conversing. Parents are just a prop. They don't even know where their daughter is and that she is staying in a hotel room with an unknown man. Later, they do come to Mumbai to take her away from the hotel. How they found out, we don't know. Were they upset that their daughter was living like a call girl in a hotel? That too we don't know. Next we know she is getting married and before you know it, rich dude lands at the marriage venue in a helicopter to profess his love. Poor childhood friend who is marrying Priti unties the knot and sets her free.

That scene also signals our freedom from the theatre.

It looks like this was a test shoot done for the lead pair. Boy shows promise, girl, well, she better gets back to training school. Aman Verma looks lost and hopelessly out of sorts. Just like the rest of the cast.

Rating: 2/5

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